She Throws Everything Down.

She throws everything down

be it simple or delicate

could be  cheap or expensive

she throws them down.


She throws everything down

be it  soft or hard

could be  sophisticated  or crude

she throws them down.


She throws everything down

be it beautiful or ugly

could be grand or ordinary

she throws them down.


She throws everything down

on your face or on the chest

could be for a play not wanton

she throws them down.


She throws everything down

might hurt you once in a way

she being an one year old

she throws  things  down innocently.mp_baby_throw_things_fullnocent





Many A Way

Many a way to help others
who are in distress
to relieve them of a stress
assuage with a gentle press
give nothing less
whatever in surplus
be it one of monetary cess
or that of organs in bless
kind words not in guess
least of all a thought in earnestness
best of everything a prayer in reverence
would turn out an ideal deliverance.


Nice Things.

Nice to read.
Nice to write
Nice to watch.
Nice to gaze.
Nice to think.
Nice to dream.
better than everything.
it is nice to sleep.
nice sleep


A Piece of Advice.

Storing things at the attic

keeping them intact in shape.

away from the termite attack

cleaning and dusting every week

seem to be fine  and easy

when the going is  good

when there is  help around

when the age is by your side

with the assistance becoming scarce

with the spirit getting  weak

with the age registering its toll

the collection  proves bothersome

forcing a clearance in a way

somehow or other they need to be cleared

either for money or  as  a donationtermite attack

whichever suits you most

take it the right stride

and get ahead on time.







Economy Devastated

Things untouched are lying there for forty years.
Utensils unused are kept there for forty years.
Jewels not adorned are placed there for forty years.
Furniture not utilised are piled there for forty years.
Dress unworn are arranged there for forty years.
The lady with all these was in her twentieth year then.
She has no intentions to use them any more
She had the desire but circumstances did not allow
They are there for forty years with dust and rust.
That is how things go unattended and lie as dead.
Money invested turns into wasteful expenditurekaluthiru11
How much amount of money thus has been locked?
The community to which she belongs demand even now
They keep them secure locked in a room.
They say it is for the future
Does there is any future after sixty years?
They keep on doing so with added fervour.
knowing not they are killing the economy .

Actions Poem


relationshipRestoring old things is the typical go.
Creativity and originality should contribute to the flow.
Mending and refurbishing it to the erstwhile glow
should be the motto.

Things could be restored to norm
careful execution would prevent any harm..
Skilful craftmanship would bring the charm.
The design should be an adorn.

Looks nowadays could regain grace.
Techniques one by one add up to the race.
Wrinkles and lines that mar the face
are removed with laser base.

As all things get a face lift
relationship does not enjoy this gift
as once broken link refuses to benefit
from these regaining titbits.