Spam And Virus

SpamSleuthSpam and virus do attack

setting the system on fire

with the spyware to ransack

the system is retrieved entire

Having to cope with these virus

we have to adopt methods

which have to be  friendly and serious

enabling a  go with the records

maintaining thus a balance

giving a protection and security

that bring the work to a relevance

placing them in places of safety

such be the schedules and programmes

granting a  possibility of  lively transactions.


A Piece of Advice.

Storing things at the attic

keeping them intact in shape.

away from the termite attack

cleaning and dusting every week

seem to be fine  and easy

when the going is  good

when there is  help around

when the age is by your side

with the assistance becoming scarce

with the spirit getting  weak

with the age registering its toll

the collection  proves bothersome

forcing a clearance in a way

somehow or other they need to be cleared

either for money or  as  a donationtermite attack

whichever suits you most

take it the right stride

and get ahead on time.






Actions Anger Expenses Experience feelings Interpretation subscriptions thoughts threat. turmoil Wisdom

A Victory Unannounced.

A senseless attack kept her unperturbed.

It made others disturbed.

The basis of the barrage was manoeuvred.

It created a silence laboured.


A brutal character assassination  left her undeterred.

It  instilled  an uneasiness deferred.

The fundamental  diagnosis  was uncivilised.

It designed a hypothetical thesis unsolicited.


A  dishevelled  verbal  dialogue broke the concurrence.

She  maintained a composed resilience.

The outbursts slowly dwindled to a weak subservience.

The chaos was none the less a misguided occurrence.


The peevish outcry was one of jealous  insurgence.

There developed a gradual resurgence.

She smilingly endured  the consequence.

She valiantly emerged a victor out  of the turbulence.