The Good And Bad—-Haiku.

Yin_YangThe good man
speaks and breathes all good.
passing very good.

The bad man
talks and acts very bad
making all bad.

Good and bad
live together in complete harmony
one embracing other.


The Evil Glows Like Cinders.

With the good and bad living together.
With kind and rude holding hands together.
With mercy and evil going together.
the world lives in a perforation of impression.
It exists in a balance with the external
while the internal gets hung up in the middle.
Cracking through it plunges into the infringement
catching up with the good
and leaving the bad behind.
Unfortunately the evil clings to it
and like a parasite sucks the blood to the full
throwing the skeleton back into the maze.
Spewing venom and spitting vengeance
it gathers heat and crashes on the earth
making it bloody blood throwing into darkness.
the red shines in the dark black
looking like cinders flickering in the night.images (61)


The Burst .

images (60)All evils put together.
All venom collected in a bottle
All greed contained in a filter.
All audacity filled in a container.
All deceit gathered in a platter.
All rudeness taken in a crater.
There seems to be all in each different utensils
exposed to the world at large
and with one escape the world would fly
and with another leak it would sink.
yet one more seepage would destroy
and finally the last burst would make the world die .
Perish does the world where there is formulated an extinction.
With that the world is no more to be found.


A few Bad Human.

Most human are good
but few are bad
enough to spoil
sufficient to destroy
even willing to annihilate.
The few would be enough
to bring misfortune to all
with their dire actions
terrific blows and hatred
striking vengeance and spilling venom.
These few create an outbreak
maligning all to a casualty
forcing a destruction and destroy
making life unpleasant
and rendering a regular download (3)threat
disturbing the ambience
and making the world unfit to live.


He is A Man.

Up on the hills lived a man
who had very little for himself
but liked to share with all
what little he had
be it bread or porridge
be images (59)it books or newspaper
be it vegetables or fruits
whatever he had he gave to other
with full heart knowing no grudge
rushed to help others when in need
Once got into the burning house
risking his life
burning his hand
saved many lives with a determination.
Well ,there be a man
who is rightly called a Man.


Salutations To You.

A few yards from my home
lives a good Samaritan
a billionaire by means
a moderate by choice
lives in an unassuming style
quiet and calm in his home
sprawling and adorable opened to all
a contrast to people like him
who open out only to the chosen
He extends out to all
with a pleasant smile and a liberal aid
treating them to a delightful meal.
He has his library as office
while amidst the books he meets people
helping them out with no mean means
but with words of advice and recommendations
and finding opportunities for seekers
all in no grand ceremony but in modest attempts
successful in his efforts mostly
when his move goes unfulfilled
talks to those concerned
proposing his apologies
and assuring them of next best options
as and when they come.
Such people do live
unknown to the world
cherished by the people around
Salutations to you gentleman for your
achievements so far
images (58)and attainments yet to come.


My Neighbour

The neighbour next door
sits all time outside
weaving baskets from morn to-nightchinese woman
with her three dogs
Brownie, Blacky, and Whitie
keeping guard barking
when any stranger passes
otherwise docile and obeying her commands.

Her day starts at seven in the morning
She beats the oppressing heat
with a pedestal fan
sitting on a rickety stool
she goes on her weave
wearing gloves in her hand
and working deftly and fast
making the bottom part of the basket.

Never seen such a hard worker in life
duty bound and at the same time
attending to house hold chores
Seen not her grumble or get angry
with a pleasing smile reformed
her husband who had gone astray
educated her sons with her little income
and bought a decent house from her savings.

Past sixy she is seen working
from morn till night
Wondering will not her hands ache?
Will not her neck gets strained?
But she goes on for ever
like the beautiful river singing
that you may go and come
but I go on forever.