A Tribute To Home.

The house turned into a home
with the intimacy and binding
with a responsibility and stake
explodes with enthusiasm most
deplores with melancholy at times
causing a hip hip hurrah most times
leaving a defeat at times.
This is but natural
as once you run you encounter a fall
and then get up and go.
The defaults and distractions
enhance the merits and credibility
The warmth that home exudes
keep us in a deluge.
Nothing can beat the home
Cordial and cool it is
Cozy and lovable it is.
great and conducive it is.
it is nothing but what it is.tributr


All At Home- Haiku.

House becomes home
with happiness and sadness making
all at home.

House is home
with intimacy and comfort together
home sweet home.images (70)


The House Crumbles.

Desperate and different
she turned away
not wanting to see
not liking to hear
not getting on it again
she took fast strides
and almost in a run
disappeared from the place
weeping and sobbing
Leaving her for a while
and allowing her to compose
stared at the wreck
which stood before
The one which was a grand bungalow
has crumbled into ruins
The lack of care and indifference has paid off .
She being a part of its glory
has been away from it for quite some time
Having been denied her rights
and having been deprives of her belongings
as deceit overtook the rightful sharing.
She got over her shock after crying for long
rose up and took my hand
She did not speak but moved away.
Her silence spoke volumes.
her eyes expressed a myriad of emotions
Timages (69)rembling she passed the ruins
turning and looking at them frequently
as each brick brough back to her tales of past.


The Home Where She Grew.

Passing through the house
where she was born in a close
where she was brought up
and the place where she spent her childhood
and the formative years all in great strides
were practically over there in a slide.
She halted a moment looked at the aisle she used to stand and watch
saw the bedroom where she slept all the years nothing to match.
Turned a little away got a glimpse of her study
where she had her lessons, and her music and dance classes
She, as if in a flash saw the garden
where she jumped and hopped and played
and over and above all the verandah
where she spent her time talking with her parents
who are now dead and gone
The home bore such thoughts and memories
now looks desolate shedding its pomp and splendour
which once was its valuable possession.
Gathering strength and brushing aside her tears
she moved slowly from the place
with a heavy heart and a sadness untold.old-dark-4


The Home-Echoes of Joy

The house bubbles with joyous play
seeing children running here and there
playing hide and seek
doing a bit of gardening
much different to the modern children
who sit glued to the T.V
or else busy with their computers.
The yelling and shouting ‘
continued till the evening
letting out for a short break
the time for bathing and meals.
Otherwise it was full of activities
making the house reverberate with laughter.
The house hosting such mirth and happiness
reacted with a smile broad and generous.
You might wonder Could a house smile?
Smile it did ,that too broadly
brimming with joy and swelling with pride
The house has become a loving home
a great plausibility of reference thats-a-lot-of-freaking-kids in the run,.


Home is Great.

The home where one is born
evokes nostalgic memories in turn
The child would not know
the place but could feel it as of now.
The familiarity would seem strange
but it does exist in a range.
The environment gets close to him
Leave alone the house be small or big
the influence is great
The cozy environment that surrounds.
The ticking of the clock that is around
the sound of the buzzer that irates
the creaking of the gate that irritates
and the movement of the people inside
with the opening of the doors in sides
and the banging of windows due to harsh wind
and the smell that comes from the kitchen in bind
gives an attachment to the child unassuming
develops a sensation of belonging to him
That be so the home becomes a second mother to child
in which he could derive strength and tenacity wildhome
where he could deliberate and deviate
where he could do what all he likes
Home is beautiful and great.


House Turns into a Home

The house becomes a home
not overnight
but in course of time
with episodes and events
incidents and happenings
children and family
make it dear and loving
converting it into a home.
The brick and mortar
the wood and steel
the tiles and fittings
make the house grand
It is the feelings
both happy and sad.images (68)
It is the interactions
both pleasant and unpleasant.
It is the movement
of children running with joy.
It is the organising
which the lady of the house does
goes on to make a house a home.
A home is where we derive strength
where we get reconciliation
where we seek comfort and attention
The word “home” holds
myriads of connotations
known and unknown.
Home, My sweet home.