Write And Bite

A day without writing
made me thinking
of what to write
and what to bite.
Write did not I for a day
Bite could not I be for a day.
I need to fill my stomach
all without a break
Fasting I don’t know
I eat all days in a row
I feel bad to-images (17) day
as I treat writing in a way
different from eating.
Thinking like that
I resume writing such that
it would keep me active
and make me also productive.


Trees Going Bald.

treesTrees become bare in autumn
with leaves falling
They seem to have gone bald
a peculiar description.
The bald gives a curious expression
having shed their greenery
and looking deserted
losing all their finery
linking only to the barks
that remain all throughout.
The appropriateness of bald
renders a lively description
that which has not been used
and that which gives an accuracy..
Baldness is permanent
recovery being possible
only through modern scientific
hair transplantation
but the trees going bald
are temporary change
as the appearing takes place
in a short tenure.


The Rains At Random

The rain was little
pouring intermittently
and the land got wet
in a section
enough for the plants
to remain green

Expecting copious rain
but receiving only little
the plants were struggling
hard to get through
as they were in a stage
of collapse

Rains are playing of late
not falling on time
but failing always
if not with little showers
insufficient for sustenance
and productive living.

Rains in certain parts
pour in excess
flooding the rivers
inundating the area
causing a havoc.

The extremes get nowhere
bringing suffering untold
affecting production
disturbing nature
releasing a concernGreen activists.preview.


The Cone

it was a cone
looking like a bone
brown in tone
packed with ice cream
filled up to the ream
it was a strawberry gleam
smacking it happy
made the tongue tipsy
and the throat freezing
The cone was crispy in the out
and delicious in the inside
giving it a tasteful trend
and an enjoyable blend.images (16)


The Value——Haiku

Things are done
for the sake of doing
not with interest.

Doing with interest
extends a style and manner
enhancing its value.

Value is important.
than any other criteria reallyMini-Money-Man2
raising it high.


The Project

In a way it was destructive
causing a major rout
in a form very much derivative
weighing the pros and cons in a clout
it brought in much rancour
that caused a succour.

Heading towards destruction
nothing could be done to stop it
but a temporary infusion
was getting headway to shut down
the project to a close
lest it would lead to blows.

The agitation was headway
and there was turmoil
as the people were in the causeway
protesting against the induction boiling
at the injury it would set once inaugurated
creating a disturbance to peace intimidated

The upheaval spread across in speed.
the politicians were full with greed
The public were adamant in their call
willing to sacrifice their lives in the fall
the administration was desperate
but could not suppress the rising of late.

The project got dumped into hold.
The people emerged triumphant and bold
The government was fuming and fretting
as it had lost many of its backing.
The support of the people around is a musKoodankulam-Issuet
for any project to take off without test.


A Perfectionist.

As she was going on to a distant land
with her friends all in a band
she was busy browsing online
getting to know the country fine
made a list of places to see
and what to shop in a spree.
Where to stay in comfort
scouring through the net
to seek places where vegan food is found
and how to manage without food moving around.
She was busy with all arrangements
as she is one who pays attention to all instalments
wanting to make the trip enjoyable and memorable
she was working on it with attempts great and desirableimperfect-perfectionist
A great perfectionist she is and she would never budge.