The Queen Of Hill Stations—-Ooty

Staying regally up in the hills
atop all the towns on the billstt
the Queen Of the Hill Stations
reigns supreme in a great fashion
with the greenery in the top brass
and commercial avenues across
teeming with population
and busy with transactions
while the tourists throng the gardens
the locals carry the burdens
of home-grown vegetables, tea and honey
along with fruits small and tiny.
The Badagas, the hill tribe
still stay in vibe
contributing to their native town
working day and night without a frown.images (36)images (37)
The Queen throws a rich royalty
different from her siblings down
who still retain the natural beauty
The glitter of the town getting to be a city no soon
with the make ups and add-on in a sense proves to be a boon
attracting people from far and near to its portals
The Flower show takes one to the ethereal world in totality
The horse racing makes the race goers float in air
The boarding schools are great money spinners and have a sophistication
making enormous money by imparting high class education
admitting the children of great winners in all fields
Business tycoons. film stars and sportsmen
spend their summer here in sprawling bungalows staffed by
Ootacamund Or Ooty as it is affably called is the best resort
and an idealistic place for holidays and rest.


Ketty valley

Driving through the blue mountains
with the lovely stare around
and gorgeous scenario overwhelming
reached a valley of abundance
aptly called Ketty
The small hamlet rises high and down
with the valleyfallig down
where carrots grow in the slopes of hiils
and potatoes in the terraced hills
cabbages and cauliflowers abound
portraying the fertility of the valley
in a vociferous and emphatic tone.
A little over there beyond the hills
there is a grove of eucalyptus trees tall and
and from a small hut there emanates a smoke
that of boiling the eucalyptus leaves
a process to extract the oil content from them
which is a potential remedy for aches of any kind.
There being a few schools of name
imparting the best learning
Ketty still is the same
untouched by the fingers of growth
but lately losing its fauna to developmentsketty
yet still pristine and beautiful to watch.


Military Residency

A little over the hill
a few mills up still
there is a barracks of grandeur
which is a magnificent structure
with tall and stately appearance
wherein the military commanders
and the soldiers are hosted
where learning is in progress
with the staff fully dressed
and the college imparting discipline
with the follow up of rules
being taught with great rigour and care
While every morning during the walk inthe thorough fare
get a glimpse of their march past of great talk
en suite by vigorous exercises in style
making the participants fit and agile
as they are the guards of the nation
when it faces endangers and threats
from external forces in a portion
and also are responsible to act
when there arises internal riots.
The Wellington barracks stands atop
with a brilliance and grace tamil-nadu-36


The Will and its Way

take-on-a-challenge2Having gone through a phase
not knowing what to say
Was it a good case?
or did it led to a chase?
Getting mixed up in a trace
went forward in a slow pace.
Thinking a lot before taking a step.
With a placid move and talk pep
took the challenge in a hep.
With the motive to win
and a target to rise above
entered the arena amidst din.
While the support was overwhelming
and the opponent seemed a weakling
got over the situation with a will
that would keep one high in a still.


A Great Game in a Lovely Course.

With the house facing the golf course
I have a nice time watching the play with nil force
The ball being pushed forth into the hole
and the golfer walking all through the whole
with the picker boy behind with a golf kit sole
The morning begins with the golf court getting ready
and the golfers come one by one in a steady
smart and sleek with the penchant for walking
as golf needs a lot of walk and lot of aim.
A game of no noise with little audience in place
it went on in a quiet stride and in slow space.
except for a few applause and comments.
The golf course opposite is one of the beautiful
located the precincts of the Gymkhana club Coonoor.
The house little high up the golf course lovely
served as a vantage point to view the matches daily
With a cup of crispy potato wafers sat on the porch
overseeing the matches in progress till lunch
It was a pastime,a fun and a learning
all in one put together in a mix
as it was great to see them play with skill
wellington-gymkhana-club happy to view the game from above
and it also gave an impressive teach on precision
as golf is a play of to the point and to the hole


A Designed Holiday.

Going up the hills for summer
was the usual sojourn.
A full two months up the hills
lent a relaxation and build up in tone.
The sun rising among the hills
late in the morning silent and still
cast a picturesque gleam all over.
With tea gardens on either side of the house
and hills going up and down in scores
with the tea leaf pickers with the basket around
talking among themselves while working in the mound
the church bell ringing a little away
and the temple slokas coming down the aisle in a sway
while the school goers march down the hills in glee
with the bags of books and lunch
The day started with mirth all along
and the sun was in a pleasant mood not wrong
shining mildly all through the morn.
The noon is moderate with plenty of sunshine
and the estate work comes to halt during the dine.
The evenings are deemed to be of highest grace
Strolling out taking a pleasant walk in the race
inhaling the aromatic tea and passing through the green grass land
which sprawls across in huge stretches all over the land.
With the wild flowers in different colors bid you near
rather wildly in a mood buoyant and dear.
Walking through get a glimpse of houses down the hill
and also up the mountains where the lights fill
and shine like stars flickering now and then.
The night sets in and with that the sleep
Curling on the bed with the blanket wrapped
got into a peaceful slumber away from the hotadderley-guest-house plains.