The Queen Of Hill Stations—-Ooty

Staying regally up in the hills
atop all the towns on the billstt
the Queen Of the Hill Stations
reigns supreme in a great fashion
with the greenery in the top brass
and commercial avenues across
teeming with population
and busy with transactions
while the tourists throng the gardens
the locals carry the burdens
of home-grown vegetables, tea and honey
along with fruits small and tiny.
The Badagas, the hill tribe
still stay in vibe
contributing to their native town
working day and night without a frown.images (36)images (37)
The Queen throws a rich royalty
different from her siblings down
who still retain the natural beauty
The glitter of the town getting to be a city no soon
with the make ups and add-on in a sense proves to be a boon
attracting people from far and near to its portals
The Flower show takes one to the ethereal world in totality
The horse racing makes the race goers float in air
The boarding schools are great money spinners and have a sophistication
making enormous money by imparting high class education
admitting the children of great winners in all fields
Business tycoons. film stars and sportsmen
spend their summer here in sprawling bungalows staffed by
Ootacamund Or Ooty as it is affably called is the best resort
and an idealistic place for holidays and rest.