Nothing Over There.

She went to her village
She found none there.

Going to the house where she once lived
She could not trace any one living there

She ran towards the beautiful pond where she played
but could not find fish or frogs there.

She slowly walked towards the school where she studied
The school was bare.

She then proceeded to the temple where she worshipped 934582-classroom-generic
Alas! she could see no God there.


A Move- Haiku

A move there.
Going away from home town
a move out.

A move there
Clearing the way for leaders.
A move out.

A move there
Taking a decision very bold.
A move out.

A move there
Getting upset over simple things.images (74)
A move out.

A move there
here and every time and place.
A move out.


A Bold Move.

it is a difficult move.
A decision hard to take
How to decide?
Deliberating on it for a while.
made up the mind in style
So with the decision taken
all other thoughts are forsaken.
No hesitation what so ever.
Got into it with the speed that had been never.
Packing the bags and closing the household
quitting the job and becoming bold
decided to accept the offer overseas.
images (73)


Move Out.

The leader was gently alighting
“Move out, Move out”images (72) came the signalling.
The people were driven from the thoroughfare.
As the man got down from his Mercedes grandly
Guards lined up forming a net around him beefing up the security
Waving he got down and walked down the path way
with all smiles and cheer through the gateway.
There was a guard of honour well tuned
with the march past and orchestral concert
The Leader then addressed the crowd throwing an air
bringing in his achievements in the speech with care
The meeting came to a close with the guards
once again shouting “Move Out”
making way for the leader’s departure with every one out.


Getting Moved.

She being so sensitive
and very emotional
shed tears for every deed infinitive
significant or insignificant
gets moved and becomes sad
when she hears a baby cry
when she sees someone getting hurt badly.
These are not the only ones that affect her
but other small indices make her upset
that of a handicapped person
that of children loitering about
seeking alms and food
and most often gets moved
if she crosses any one ill
and last of all
if she hears death of any one
she weeps uncontrollably
as though one of her kin has passed away.
Sobbing she goes about on any news bad.
Distressed she becomes when she hears anything bad.
Melancholic sh turns when she sees anything bad.melancholic_nostalgia_by_nilgunkara


Moving Out Of Home.

Venturing out for adventure
or for that matter for any venture
has not been her mode of operandi
getting everything done id dandy
sitting at home and ordering
buying things by phoning
She runs the show in grandeur
getting the best things rather
doing research online on brands
she draws out her agenda grand.
She does all her work from home
official as well as domestic from her loving home.
Hires people to do work also by phone.
Helps her friends also over phone.
Her life moves on round the phone
as she goes round and her home.g-tdy-090929-working-mom-3p.h2-1


Moving Out Of Town.

FBIAttachments set the rule
Sentiments dictate terms.
Getting attached to a place
and refusing to move out into space
seems stupid to some at the most
but it is a loss feel most.
The place becomes so close and dear
that there would be a miss out clear.
If one goes to another town out of bound.
All familiar faces are not found.
Streets look different and strange.
This being the advocacy of certain people in the range.
Others feel change is the only thing permanent in life.
Going to different town and starting life
gives a fresh tenure and better friends
with a tone of new and lively interactive trends.
much different from what one is used to.
No one can force anything on the other to do
as each one is different from the other
but holding to traditions
strictly without any flexibility
turns out to be a monotony and a strain.
as change adds colour and texture the old
enhancing it with a glow bold