Travel -Haiku.

The car drive
is tedious and extremely tiring
for hours together.

The air travel
becomes unpleasant and an exertion
for days together.

The boat ride
is pleasant and exhilarating great
for minutes together.809


Boat Ride.

The river was flowing gently
without much waves high and plenty
The boat was crossing silently
carrying the people happily
The ride was pleasant extremely
with no rush and no push immediately.
The boat glided slowly on the waters smoothly
while the boat man was rowing steadily.
Singing a song to keep him alert and merry
making the ride enjoyable and lovely.
The ride lasted for an hour totally
The fellow travelers were all hawkers generally
taking goods from this end to the other
They told images (71) their tales interestingly.
The ride ,on the whole was different and exciting
never experienced such joy exhilarating.


The Take Off.

download (4)All set to fly
the aircraft was getting ready
with the passengers coming one by one
taking the allotted seats
Pushing their hand baggage in the cabin
and fastening the belt with a tag in
The air crew demonstrate in earnest
as how to fasten the belts in best
and how to make an emergency exit
with none paying attention to the wit
announces the captain in his gruff voice
the grand take off.

The engine starts with a groan
getting on the runaway in tone
The plane takes off smoothly
gliding through the sky
Up and up it goes fast
piercing into the clouds
The passengers get settled at last.
Switching on the prerecorded videos
with the head set on listening to the audio
enjoy the early hours of flight.
Then comes the meals and drinks
enough to keep them on.

As the hours go by there settles in
a dull monotony and comes a strain
With legs aching and the head getting dizzy
sleep creeps in silently .
Nodding the heads to and fro the passengers fly
turning the aircraft to a discreet silence.
In the dreary night the plan flies in lead
with about three hundred and fifty on board it speeds.
The old, young and the kids sleep
with an uncomfortable orientation
longing to land and run into the terrain
wanting to stretch and breathe fresh air.


A Pilgrimage

badrinath_landslides_295Few of my friends all over fifty years
went on a pilgrimage after long years.
They went on a train journey towards North
They were about seven of them going North
They had a pleasant travel and visited places
Badrinnath and Kedarnath are lord Shiva’s resting places
They are on the way to the Himalayas
The shrines nestled in between the peaks of Himalayas
look grand and beautiful infusing piety .

The friends had a meaningful sojourn
Having worshipped Lord Shiva they had a new sojourn.
There were heavy rains and the land got cutoff
stranding the pilgrims in remote areas almost cut off
They remain there stranded condemning their choice of travelling
as rainy season is not appropriate to travel.
The rains have not abetted and the situation is bad
Their return gets postponed as the season is pretty bad.
How long have my friends are to be there?


A Long Travel

It was a long stretch.
A very long one
with a big patch
of driving uphills
and going up in a batch
with little kids
proved to be difficult to match.

The travel was exhaustive
and ran for long hours
The distance was extensive.
covering it in a day needed a prowess.
Yet we went on and on the long drive
with the children squirming
and we getting uncomfortable in the dive.

Reaching the destination at last
unpacked the things in a hurry
putting the children to rest
set up the kitchen without any worry.
Prepared the meals fast
ate the food in no hurry.
Fkids-car-getty-83317512-650w-600x400elt relieved and fresh
ready to face anything in the cast.