The Top Position

The top position leads to an exaltation.
a degree of power and position
placing one in heights and promotion
granting a comfort and composition
By granting so much there is an expectation
calling for a responsibility and delineation
going on for a rightful execution
at the proper moment with rightful intimation.
The top slot is not an easy invitation
but a strong and typical grant of nominationtop position


The Stray.

Losing temper is a normal human strimages (33)ay.
Throwing tantrums s a little over the way.
Striking and hitting with force is an extreme play.
Where do these anomalies arise in the lay?

Deliberating on these vehemence deeply.
It is a must to know the antecedents exactly.
Circumstances would lead to anger directly
But over the mark is a crime eventually.

Tracing this quality to the family at large
Being the usual practice of all in n enlarge
The study would point out the irregularity in wage
that goes to make the excess of this rage.

A psychological factor has a dominance in this extravagance.
The mind restless becomes incorrigible acting with an intolerance
Mightily leading to a disorientation and a madness
constituting an overwhelming act of vehemence.


Play Of Happiness.

A lively game that brings mirth
When it is put forth
to the people in front
spreading across without brunt.

It illuminates the players with a shine
making the face glow in a fine.
They pass on the mirth down the line
All those who participate gather in a bind.

The game consists of passing radiance
It circulates cheer not with preference.
It is a play of great happiness
where there is enlivening gracefulness.stock-photo-a-concept-illustration-of-children-play-together-to-show-concept-of-happiness-hand-drawing-outline-16506487


Own Reward.

it is an alien lad
Language is very strange
People are stranger and the food strangest
Having got into the mainland
had to adjust to the land.

Seeing places has its fun and grace
but certain times it gives the toughest trace
as it is one of highly difficult craze.
Having to put up with circumstances
unused to and not experienced so far.

Wit signs as language and raw vegetables as food
had to travel through the land along with the brood
But the store of architectural marvels which stood
the test of times in magnificence and grandeur
were a feast to the eyes in no slight terms.

Surpassing the man made the natural wonders fascinated
with the beautiful lakes and stretches of mountainous slopes designated
a powerful portraiture of glory and beauty delineated.
The gleaming features filled with colourful mix of green, yellow and brown
releases an enlightenment making one forget the toils faced a little ago,

To gain we have to lose something on the way.
To get a whiff of fresh air we have to drive along way.
To enjoy the untouched splendours we have to cross the bay.
The trails and troubles we undergo gets lost in the end.
as we enjoy the bounties ofalien nature which is its own reward.


Freedom Fight

The fight for freedom was at its peak
everyone shouting in a shriek
Their anger rose in heights
greater than the blazing fire’s sprites.
Up and above the rant surmounted
leading to a violence in a tantamount.
unable to control the mobs move
the police entered into beating through
There was tear gas and shooting around
bringing about wounds and deaths in a bound.
How long could liberty be suspended?
Freedom was finally promulgated.
Did the people use it wisely is to be interrogated?
But that images (32) we hear is the freedom has been misused. .