Change In Sight.

Live together without any fight.
Eat together without any bite.
Work together without disputed might.
That was how we were brought up right.

Living together has taken a flight.
Eating together is no more a trait.
Working together has become very tight.
That is how we are living almost right.

With the change in sight.
We get along straight
with a keen insight
That is how it goes right.



The Noblest of All

The noblest of all human
does live among us
it is hard to find the man
who dwells with us.
He might be one among many
but with distinct stress.
He might look like any
but has a unique crush.
He might sound familiar
but has an authority fresh.
How to find that man?
is the question that rushes
Well try to locate the man
with a powerful press.
Finding the superb man
would lead you to a gush.2bro


Dreams Come True

Dreams come true they say
but i never could say so.
As I go on dreaming day after day
nothing has turned real in a show.
Does this happen only to me? I wonder
if at all they come out true I ponder
I would rise up and fly in the skies
like the lovely roaming fairies.
Dreaming every night as I sleep
I get up suddenly and peep
finding nothing amazing
I sit silent and gazing.
Well, dreams do give a fill
a satisfaction and adream-mirror-dreams-can-come-true-31082814-900-900 thrill


Empty head With Halo Around,

With little brains
and big talk
With little thought
and big word
With little understanding
and big nod
he goes ahead.

Thinking too much
whence he knows nothing.
Acting too great
whence he behaves silly.
Speaking too high
whence he is empty headed
he crosses over.

That be he
who feels he is a genius
and a scholar
gregariously chattering
with gesticulations funny
and speech incoherent
he lives as such.

That being he
with a slant perception
and a scant discretion
making mountains of mole hill
creating a sensation piquant.
living with a feigned glow.

That is he
the man who you all know
who crosses the road
who takes the seat next to you
and who smiles at you with familiarity
and who jumps high in vain
who lives with halo around67642



The Man All Know.

Reacting for every other thing
retorting for all other thing
blocking that which darts
repudiating that which acts
has been his way of life.

Finding fault is his strength
Pointing the mistake is his bent.
Passing comments is his lend.
Talking ill is his fend
and this has been his way of life.

The man prospers and thrives
Lives on other people’s vice.
Professing a face nice
walks around in size
Well this is how he lives his life.images (99)


Everything is Not right.

The thought of setting things right
The mood to straighten them right
The feeling to get out of the mess right
has slowly left her in the moment right.

Making things work with discipline right.
Taking things forward without any pull back right.
Has taken her toll all through the years right.
and the inkling to end up with a success has left her right.

Bimages (98)earing taunts and criticism she worked right.
Ignoring the tease and mockery she went ahead right.
Beaten up badly she tried to reassure right
but now the intention to hold things together has left her right.

Treated like a slave all through her life right
Finding fault with her when things do not go right.
Assuming credit when everything goes in the track right
Has sent her long to a place far away right.

Living physically among the crowd now right
while the mind saunters in a land distant right.
She has to carry on silently all the more right.
waiting for an eternal exit soon right.