Nature -Haiku

images (67)Nature is natural
with fresh lakes and hills
expressive of nature.

Naturally it is
lovely and delightful to view.
eloquent in nature.

Nature naturally calls
birds, animals and man for
relaxation in nature.


The Hills Above.

The majestic hills
with their slopes
and winding paths
stand apart
tall and broad
towering and hovering
carrying with them
a powerful synergy
and a dramatic irony
that of greatness in tone
and a simplicity in bearing
proposing a deign
and a shine
that is inherent
in their bind
The hills greet all
with pleasure and cordiality
supplying amply
a coolness and freshness
appropriate for relaxation
adding colour to the cheeks
and relieving the body of its strain.Scotland_The_Culli_1939293b
A stock of animals roam high up
coming down in search of food
pass of doing no harm
if left undisturbed
but come with an attack
if seen playing truant.
The water flowing down the hills
glitter like silver
when sun’s rays fall on them
flowing with a hissing sound
and the bees buzzing about
while the birds chirp and tweet
adding mirth to the surroundings
A week in the hills a year
revitalise the body and mind
adding tenor and vigour.


The Self Conscious Ocean.

Roaring all days
the mighty blue ocean
goes up and own
one time in fury
another time gently
dashing towards the shore
getting across in a wink
receding to the ocean
kissing the shores with a hug
which looks like an embrace once
and which appears as a strangle in another.
The ocean ‘s roar grows in sound
and velocity according to times
getting over the hills and mountains in anger
and caressing the land in a happy mood.
With the ships carrying men and goods
plying down the seas to the other part of the world.images (66)
With the fisherman throwing the nets
attempting to catch a sprawl of fish
With the whales swimming deep
overturning the boats and ships
and small fish rushing here and there
wanting to escape from the whales and men.
The ocean goes on roaring and flowing
unperturbed by rain or storm
by heat or drought – a self-conscious worker.


The Little Pond.

The little pond round
full of water brimming
with lot of fish swimming
and lot of frogs hopping
having a myriad of plants around
and the lilies white and red
blooming across in a colourful swarm.
They cast the shadow on the waters
presenting an amazing picture
of prosperous growth
animated by the visual effects.
The pond lies in the center of the village.
being a source of water to the people
and a resourceful place for lovers
while the fisherman catches fish
the bees buzz around the flowers
sucking the sweet nectar
and inducing a pollination all through
with the promotion of growth in the land.
The frogs croak and the tadpoles jump
in and out of the water
presenting a lively action
making on experience the geniality of nature.lilies


Grass Grows.

Grass grows everywhere
It spreads across
once it finds itself rooted.
So goes on the grass growth
and grass looks a simpleton
with no frills and adorns
just a green blade
with a green shade
and the lively green renders
a lovely and cheerful gait.
The grass throngs with ease
but never comes up under shelter
It needs a lot of sunlight to grow
and grows with a fond
with a diversification around.
Grass, if well-kept, becomes a lawn
an if unkempt turns into a weed.
Well, everything lies in the perception
and the grass to is no exemption
The weed is extracted with care in plantations
but the lawn is taken great care inimages (64) parks and houses.
Grass has its own value and merit
vouchsafing its colour and verdant


The Bud Becomes A Flower.

Watching out into the garden
saw a tiny bus on a plant.
it looked so small and cute
a wee little and minute.

As everything grows
this little one opened out
and looked a little big
and strong not frail.

The opening could be seen
after careful inspection
The bud seemed to be in a dilemma
as to smile or not to smile.

leaving the bud to itself
fearing constant care could spoil
went about with my work
returning to find it has blossomed.

The bud has become a flower
spreading fragrance all over
with an astonishing beauty
arresting every one who passed by.

It is not anything wonderful
you might say
but for me it holds
a divine illumination.

The course of its growth
and the way it bloomed
deliver a bout of enlightenment
transcendentalimages (63) and one of contentment.


The Big Tree

images (62)Gazing at the tree
with all its green leaves
and large branches
spreading with a shelter
where birds had their nests
and monkeys resided in joy.
What a wonder it is !
to hold such a grandeur
and host such multitude
extending them a secure place
and providing them their food
yet standing with dignity and
soliciting still more
to its haven of peace.
Does it teach? I ponder
The principle of secularism illustrated wonderfully
along with the humanitarian consideration
which we humans lack
gets demonstrated impressively.