Lines —–Haiku.

Line by line
reading down all the lines
got in line.

Lines and lines
go to seek helpimages (53) lines
in a life line.

Lines within lines
tell about all the lines
in lively lines.


The Dividing Line

Lines are so many
showing up in a vary
starting from north to south
going up and down
lying inclined
all with many dimensions
keeping one in line
chasing the other out of line
falling down the line
but of all line
there is one very special
and very predominant
that of the dividing line
apportioning one group from the other
distinguishing by caste and status
keeping away from one region
shunning the other place
expressing a division
that sometimes results in deviation
leading to fights and violence
that bursts as often
and as early as the summer morning
breaking peace into pieces
and releasing an unpleasantness in fear.images (52)


All Lines

All lines are busy
comes the message easy
with that a busy tone
and the phone is dead.

A few tries after
it is the machine thereafter
that comes in the line
telling I am so and so.

It continues talking
I am busy walking
leave your number, name
after the beep.

The beep beeps
the required data breathes
It says with a feeling
I would call you back.

The mechanism works so well
better than the real tell
with a kindness and love
recorded with care.

The clogged lines
get released in a bind15busy
and the traffic picks up
with talks from all over


Fall In Line.

images (50)Fall into the line
if you want to get along
Fall into the line
if you wish to survive
Fall into the line
if you like to succeed.
Fall into the line
if things have to go smooth.
How to fall into the line?
I do not know
As I only know
to fall everywhere
breaking my leg once
fracturing my hand twice
spraining my ankle thrice
I could go on with my counts’
but before that quickly
I should learn to fall in line
as I always go out of the line
to save time and be different from nine.


Down The Line.

A beautiful idiom
that infers no tedium
but a wholehearted fulfillment
going ahead with a movement.

Down the line of all things
ends up with successive links
causing no uncomfortable blinks
but a required think.

Being a common phrase
in the spoken phase
down the line is the base
of all featuresimages (49) in the case.


The Line Of Royalty

The line of royalty is amazing.
strictly to get into it
proves to be a maze
difficult to unfold.
The direct lineage
from father to son
gives an easy approach
but when there involves a break
the link gets a twist and a take
going back to the forefathers
tracing the descendants down the line
rendering an exercise of a follow-up
of the heir apparent to the throne
through the second stream
and then on to the third one,
while the next in line is found
the second has to be looked through.
The line goes back to great.great
great and great fathers exploring in a drive
the importance of the line in a live.


Line By Line.

Reading line by line
could not get the line
re read it again
still not able to get it fine

Started it all over
going line by line with a fervour
doing it all the more
with patience to the core.

Did get the meaning in a task
as each line came out of the dark
one by one emerging like a lark
finally spurted out like a shark.

With that got the beauty of the text
did not go intoLINE_READERo the next
as this sufficed as the best
leaving the mind to rest.


Lining Up

Lining up the crowd moved in snail’s space.
The line grew in length and chase.
As the time passed on there was a trace
with people getting restless in their gaze
and their anger was visible in the face.
To dismay there was no move forward
as there was no clearance in the boulevard
so the situation turned awkward
leading to an unexpected tussle inward.
The morn turned to dusk as the need.
The stagnancy lingered without any lead.
Pulling the shutters paying no heed
the authorities walked out in speed
The gathering had to disperse inPeople-queue-outside-the--001deed!