Lines —–Haiku.

Line by line
reading down all the lines
got in line.

Lines and lines
go to seek helpimages (53) lines
in a life line.

Lines within lines
tell about all the lines
in lively lines.


All Lines

All lines are busy
comes the message easy
with that a busy tone
and the phone is dead.

A few tries after
it is the machine thereafter
that comes in the line
telling I am so and so.

It continues talking
I am busy walking
leave your number, name
after the beep.

The beep beeps
the required data breathes
It says with a feeling
I would call you back.

The mechanism works so well
better than the real tell
with a kindness and love
recorded with care.

The clogged lines
get released in a bind15busy
and the traffic picks up
with talks from all over

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Encomium To Reading.


Read thou art thus.

Read more none the less.

Read without a fuss.

Read with a phonetic  stress.

Read aloud with an emphatic  press.


Read, read goes the chant.

Read, read is the rant.

Read, read is a common grant.

Read,  read   for an enchant.

Read,  read  brings about a pedant.


Read between the lines  with a curiosity.

Read between the words with a veracity.

Read between the quotes with a credibility.

Read between the references  with a possibility.

Read between the  punctuation with a  plausibility.


Reading goes through in different strains.

Reading  gives a lot of gains.

Reading ensues a stream of trains.

Reading well signifies a powerful reign.

Reading  all the more sharpens the brain.