agitation. Poetry

What for the agitation?

A flash strike there arose

placards and slogans came forth

the shouts went up  the sky

the anger came from nowhere

the strikers marched forward

held the traffic for a time

the city  turned stand still

what for is the strike?

nobody knew for true

the pedestrians joined the queue

the drivers alighted from the vehicle

up the strikers went ahead

shouting with a fury more so

their eyes all red with fire

voices turned hoarse

Go away! Go away!

cried the agitators

the police came

burst teargas

the crowd fled

it was all over

in  a few minutes time


no one knew

who was the target?

None knows.

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Encomium To Reading.


Read thou art thus.

Read more none the less.

Read without a fuss.

Read with a phonetic  stress.

Read aloud with an emphatic  press.


Read, read goes the chant.

Read, read is the rant.

Read, read is a common grant.

Read,  read   for an enchant.

Read,  read  brings about a pedant.


Read between the lines  with a curiosity.

Read between the words with a veracity.

Read between the quotes with a credibility.

Read between the references  with a possibility.

Read between the  punctuation with a  plausibility.


Reading goes through in different strains.

Reading  gives a lot of gains.

Reading ensues a stream of trains.

Reading well signifies a powerful reign.

Reading  all the more sharpens the brain.