It is Peanuts

Calling it peanuts
gives a tone of jeer
It is nuts
also reflects the sneer.
Why this attribution ?
Makes me wonder
feeling it is not a distribution
that keeps them asunder.
It is then why I reflect
nothing gets deflected
As I go on thinking this
I get too many denials in the list.
To keep my mind off
I have to resort to a break
in the form of a sleep off
maintained in the track. peanuts


The Return of The native.

The return of the native
to the helm of affairs
sounds strange and naive
a really uninteresting surface.

Age has gone by
Times have changed.
The solicited try
is not to be aimed.

None is above things
Let them be tall or short
Their designated sings
are money bought.

The lure for money
attracts the young and old
and the enticing is not funny
as money makes one cold and bold.

With the handsome returns
no septuagenarian would refuse
the comfortable roll outs in turns
as they could put the perks to great use.

The native comes back
with a new sojourn and chance
he gets back to the task
leaving out no bounce.return


A Consolation

Having lived all these years
with experiences both costly and dear
passed on the days with mirth and cheer
dotted with mock and jeer
spotted with sadness and strainimage 18
the heart bearing the pain.
Am not alone in this world
but so many others live in this world
with stock and pile of feelings
both good and bad dealings
come in successive retinue
standing in a long queue.
The consolation of not being alone
wis enough to induce a quick tone
of equanimity and juxtaposition
leading to a lively resolution.


The Sun Over Strains.

scorching-sun-will-borden (1)The sun kept on shining
not taking a rest till the evening
Why is it over straining?
What for it goes on shining

Knowing not the answer
took the books to refer
could not infer
references of prefer.

Took a trial out
Walked in steady stout
Soon fumbled out
as it resulted in a rout.

The sun kept on shining
not bothered about my disturbing
mind which kept on asking
Why is the sun over straining?


The Strife

A woman in her mid forties
was getting back to her country.
had no experience in air travel
came to me for help in finding the gates
and fulfilling the other formalities
She took to me well and came with me
She taking me as a sister
came out with her story bitter.
full of pain and tough experience.
Listening to her I got moved and tense.
She had lost her husband early in life
and with literally no money in hand underwent a strife
in bringing up and educating her sons
They are in their high school now
She is repatriating to the country of her birth.
Having completed her formalities in a dearth
and spent a reasonable amount in the procedure
anticipating a quick acceptance in a short tenure
My heart went out to her all the more
wishing her all the best in the fore
I bade her farewell as we reached our destination.
The world abounds with people of needs
who sustain and survive with minced feeds.images 17


Verbal Jaunt.

A day without writing has made me dull.
Cobwebs creep in with a velocity
and lethargy sets in with a tenacity
I go without writing not for want of subjects
but to may frequent travelling prospects.
A month here and a month there of living
has robbed my enthusiasm to a temporary stifling
But remaining without writing has made me sad
if this goes on to days I would become mad
So started of my verbal jaunt.Writing-Poetry once again
for otherwise my stance would be under strain.