The Strife

A woman in her mid forties
was getting back to her country.
had no experience in air travel
came to me for help in finding the gates
and fulfilling the other formalities
She took to me well and came with me
She taking me as a sister
came out with her story bitter.
full of pain and tough experience.
Listening to her I got moved and tense.
She had lost her husband early in life
and with literally no money in hand underwent a strife
in bringing up and educating her sons
They are in their high school now
She is repatriating to the country of her birth.
Having completed her formalities in a dearth
and spent a reasonable amount in the procedure
anticipating a quick acceptance in a short tenure
My heart went out to her all the more
wishing her all the best in the fore
I bade her farewell as we reached our destination.
The world abounds with people of needs
who sustain and survive with minced feeds.images 17

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