The Fall Of Rains—–Haiku.

Raining is good
if it falls on time
extending a prosperity.

Raining turns bad
if it is not timely
releasing a disturbanceEarly Canal Time.

Raining becomes violent
if it is in excess
bringing a desolation.


Rains Altogether.

With rains light
come a spright.
With rains heavy
come the levy.
With rains scarce
come a sparse.
With rains plenty
come in prosperity.
So as the magnitudes vary
there arise a quandary
as some complicate
others reiterate
The rains do hold
a relativity in ties.images (48)


Rains Thrash

Rains do play havoc
The one which is so sweet
turns unpleasant
That is true in all things
with rains bestowing prosperity
and destroying extensively
bringing misfortune
and loss of life
all in one go
while thrashing heavily.
Rains fallnews_12_8_2011_17 with force
drenching the areas
flooding the rivers
gets into the houses
pulls along with it
men and things
irrespective of their status
It happens in a flash
and the thrash
devours the whole
in a gulp sole
leaving everyone aghast
and everything ghastly.


Rains In Plenty.

The land looks refreshed as if it had a bath
fresh and cheerful daintily dressed in spic and span
The trees looked green cleared from the dust.
The flowers shine bright with the rain drops twinkling bright.
The land mass lay carefully pressed with the moisture
lent extensively by the copious rains releasing a texture.
The farmlands show a fecundity and lustre
With prosperity all around
the land and people goimages (47) around
making merry and love.


No Rains.

With little rains
the land goes dry
parched and desert like
the rivers look haggard
people going in for water
walking all the way
from one end to other
sometimes long distances
with a pot on the head and another on the hip.
The animals suffer and death occur
spoiling the fauna.
The birds migrate to regions
where there is waterno-rain-fall_45images (46)
What a deviation unpleasant!
making life miserable
as water sustains the world entire.


Rains-A Miracle.

With the rains pouring all over
seeing it falling is a pleasure moreover.
The droplets fall sharply on the ground
piercing through to the deep ground.
replenishing the soil with a wetness
giving it a fertility with a coolness
Flowing through the area in dearth
and getting suck by the earth
the rain disappears as it comes.
Yet the gleam it delivers
in a pleasant move is miraculous.
images (45)


The Rains.

The rain fell on the roof
causing a clatter.
The drops were so heavy
creating a shatter.
The rain poured through the roof
coming in a downpour.
The water seeped in
making a muddle
With water outside
and water inside
knew not what to do
Sat in the interior
with an umbrella over.
images (44)