The Cherished

The most expensive produce

I thought a decade before

something precious

it was wonderful

glitters and gleams all through

the one thing I deemed most cheap

liquid simple found in plenty

no shine or no reflection

a colourless, odourless fluid

transparent and very useful

excelled in the aspect of utility alone

a decade later I find a difference

the costly one still remains so

whilst the no cost product

has gone up enormously

most so in value all over

to the point I deduce

it is the diamond that is held high

the plain water has overcome

rather overthrown the diamond

defying all expectations

scarcity mounts up

the paucity creates a demand

most cherished and dear it has become

most cherished


Rains In Plenty.

The land looks refreshed as if it had a bath
fresh and cheerful daintily dressed in spic and span
The trees looked green cleared from the dust.
The flowers shine bright with the rain drops twinkling bright.
The land mass lay carefully pressed with the moisture
lent extensively by the copious rains releasing a texture.
The farmlands show a fecundity and lustre
With prosperity all around
the land and people goimages (47) around
making merry and love.

Actions Experience feelings Looks smile Speech subscriptions turmoil

The Dimensions Of Half.

The conspiracy  hatched  is half way through.

The dealing is a  half-hearted attempt in view.

The discussion seems to be  half over without a clue.

The outcome is dead, half dead , true.


He enters the scene  with half a mind

He seems to be half awake not totally blind.

He looks half mad without a slightest bind.

He is partially  half dumbfounded  delivering nothing kind.




Half of anything looks good.

Half of anything appears  bad too.

Half of all things describes plenty.

Half of all things  depict a frugality  too


The price quoted is  only half the value.

  Proposing an arbitrary half pursue.

The fixation would bring half the revenue.

Recording  an unproductive reconciliation all through.





The lips curve half denoting a weary smile.

The eyes cast a half look expressing a guile.

The speech is half-baked exposing a frivolous pile.

The gait is half  strained illustrating a peevish style.


 The idea half usurps the feasibility most often.

The thought half pitches every now and then.

The outcome  half delineates an uneasiness in turn.

The plausibility of half directs an unsure  enthusiasm solemn.