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A Year After.

The marriage a year ago
where the bride and groom in slow
accepted each other in the go
after they promised to shed their ego.

They lived away from the parents
who stayed away from the children for reasons
yet there arose differences now and then
that went beyond any comprehension.

The girl did not socialize freely with her in-laws
she withdrew into a shell , that be her major flaw
refused any contacts with her husband
a character too firm to be bent.

The man wanted to preserve the marriage
he was unable to read and gauge
the attitude of the girl in a range
he camouflaged artfully the estrange.

There was no intimacy whatsoever
the girl lived on her own, a way clever
while the boy was confounded to loneliness
as no consummation happened without tenseness

The marriage has now hit the rocks
giving juicy food to people’s talks
the divorce finally has been filed
the relationship so far is pretentious and guiled.

The patience and understanding are not found
the economic liberty has laid a firm ground
the dependence is missing on the scene
which brought out an affability in deem.

I am from the age-old school of thoughts
where give and take were emphatically taught
economy never came into the family’s threshold
the theory stoop to conquer was the hold.

I lived so with an adjustment all through
annoyed at times furiously I flew
then softened down to the core without a show
that way I marked my existence in the flow.

My experience would fall in deaf ears, I know
as this era is known for the currency glow
where love and affection find no place
as there is a mad, mad money chase.


Hectic Speed.

Speed is a quality that enables wisdom on one side, and rashness on the other .Speed can be a compliment,when you grasp quickly, act smartly, and understand things in no ti,e. But , the same speed, becomes a derogatory remark, when you behave rashly, when you forget swiftly, and succumb to impulsive desires in too short a time.

A close relative of mine ,got married on June/11/2009. The bride was pretty, well qualified, and brought with her a fortune as dowry. The bridegroom, who is my cousin’s son, was praised and complimented by most of his relatives and friends, as a fortunate boy.His in laws showered love and money on him , not in bits and pieces , but profusely.My nephew was in all smiles. He grinned at all of us .Certain times , his grin gave a quixotic look.He was elated to see so much wealth.Though his family also is equally affluent, they lived moderately.

He took his wife to Singapore, where he is working as a sofft ware professional. The soft ware hype has promoted a cadre of new rich group, which is in a perplexed state of motion. Thehigh salary,at a very young age has corrupted the nascent mind.The boy and the girl started the family, in a rented apartment,with all all modern amenities. The going was good for the first month, that is till early august. From the middle of August, there was a cold war. The girl was unable to cope up with the new surroundings. She is a talented damsel,with an engineering degree. The boy ,after work came tired  and needed some rest. The girl expected outings and wished to dine out most days. The couple started exchanging fiery bullets, Heated arguments, physical abuses became rampant. The girl calle d her parents. The senior people , instead of advising properly, crash landesd on the spot. They joined their daughter in verbal confrony\tation with the boy. He got wild . In his acute anger,he  drove them out of his house.The parents flew back with their daughterr . They have filed a divorce.

The incident looks like the rhyme Solemn Grundy, who was born on Monday, had a speedy development day by day, that before the week was out , died and was buried on Sunday. So this wedlock which began grandly on mid June has drawn to a close by mid September.

I am shocked by this hectic speed. Marriages are made in heaven. The rituals, which mark the marriage , has become meaningless. The hymns invoking the almighty has achieved a baseless attribution. The elders ,who presided over the function and well wishers who graced the occasion ,have become a laughing stock.  Holy marriage has been drowned to a mere infatuatuion. It is not the souls that got united. It is , but the flesh that got assimilated for a short period. Once the charm has waned , the intricacy or intimacy has been dissipiated.

A formula one event will mot be able to compete with such drastic divorces in velocity. The disintegration is so accelerated , that the process of conjoining once again becomes ridiculous .

Divorces So Quick.

I happen to be in my native place for a couple of days , last week.It was a pleasant get together, meeting young and old, exchanging niceties and enquiring about their health.

It was a hectic schedule  dotted by interesting  information. One peculiar thing , I found during this sojourn was cases of divorce. My place is  known for its conservative ideologies and is steeped in traditional customs. In this modern age , a place like my own ,will stand out for its regulations and discipline. To hear about divorce ,in such a place sounded sacrilegious to me. Yet ,there were many incidents of the legal separation.

Dissolving the marriage , once regarded as a transgression, has become an accepted form now. The reasons for severance, looked appaling  in certain cases, appeared deep in others, but most exhibited flimsy and frivolous sentiments ,that could have been well avoided , if little measure of endurance was pushed in.

Th firm attributes for dissolution is impotency and behavioural tendency. The impotency factor  if found true, the marriage will not be able to go further. But , if it is listed falsely ,then strong counselling has to be activated and unity should be advised. The behavioural factor of excessive smoking, consuming spurious drinks, and addiction to drugs are also cited as causes for separation. The excess could be minimised by tending the eccentricity in a plausible manner and exploring possible ways to stop the practice.

Other minor  evidences of coming late after work, looking after parents, living in a joint family, spending time with friends and taking life easily are simple disturbance ,which should be discussed by the concerned . A way out , or a remedy could be easily tracked and adjustments can be accommodated suitably.

I came home with the usual well being , which I develop when I visit my people, but this time , I felt , the pride ,of my homeland ,as a class apart from the rest of the world,  has been lost. It has also got diffused with the multitude,totally vanished in the fumes.

I feel sad , and am extremely pained to be a silent spectator in this narrow world od envy, deceit ,self conceit, greed and prejudice.