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The Fire In Him

The  fire in him

could be an inspiration

much not of an agitation

carried  not by an incite

mostly by a  decide

placed him at the top

he was always one up

great he is with cheer

great he is being dear

well that could be his charisma

he being not an eniinspirationgma.





The Words Incite.

Words play a role
with an expectation
and an anticipation.
Words bring in unity
and a quarrel and in fight
with a slight deviant.
the approach is vital
and the talk is essential
to harmonize in sequel..
With words peace could be brought.
Treaties could be signed
in one direction.
With the same words
war could erupt.
Terrorism could spread
in the other direction.
The word play is great
with the pun and an alliteration
with a satire and slander
with metaphor and simile.
All get ahead in a row
to make the words incite.peace treaty