Theatre in The Courtyard.

In the courtyard we see numerous events
Day in and day out they happen in succession.
getting unnoticed most pass of as trends.
Certain others stay in the mind with an imposition.

The courtyard is a theatre on the onset
with feelings and emotions displayed high.
Incidents being spontaneous cannot be reset.
Certain events draw a feeling of shy.

Theatrical skills also play a game.
The one who is vociferous rules the roost.
The silent one poses a look tame
Anger and tears provide a boost.

When the show starts we know not.
Reaching its climax in a short while
it rises to a situation very hot.
Gradually slows down in a quiet style.

The live show is far interesting
as the actors are all family members
They are part of the real testing
so know no method to coax the numbers.

Actions Evolution Experience Interpretation Lesson Life Looks thoughts Tune

Tweet, Chat, Act.

The birds twitter.

Their notes are not bitter.

The tune is a flatter. 


The monkeys chatter.

Their talk does not matter.

The noise is an annoying banter.


Men  act  as if in a theatre.

Their  behaviour is a conspiring falter.