The Union Of Morn and Night

The cuckoo calls in the morn
come out and play
a delight of dawn
little light on the way.

The night is there
darkness a tinge light
the sun is found there
peers through the sky in slight.

The day and night are on sight
grey and pale yellow in hue
the ambience is of a peaceful wait
the interior still looms in blue.

The peculiar union is not strange
there blows the wind with pleasure
the celestial symphony excels in a range
as men slumber still in leisure

Great and exalted all the more in love
the picturesque scenario goes unattended
there could be seen the flight of doves
a drizzle falls almost defended.flight of doves


The Prime Ministerial Seat.

Into the elections the subcontinent
is in a dilemma of the predicament
the incumbency not very positive
the opposition in pieces also not very positive
there hangs a pendulum oscillating slowly
the reviews give a picture each time differently
confusing the electorate and the parties
one fears the other in all the entities
a piquant situation that arises during elections alone
the rest of the days sub continent is in a forlorn
where there would be no action whatsoever
each leader filling his coffers ever
not disturbed of the country’s plight
the poor becoming poorer in the light
sway them over with the reliability on free throws
restrict them from their try to seek permanent relief in the go
that be the attitude of the politicians in general
never do they reform the nation with an act of genial.India elections 2014 prime minister candidates


The Reality

A dry river
an empty pond
a waterless lake
are seen around

The trees wither
even the neem and tamarind
are leafless and seem bare
a scenario drastic.

Pots in all places
water in lorries
go around
a reality nowadays.20080526_fillingvessels


The Colourful Bonanza

Down there in the garden
saw a beautiful fountain
spurting out into ebullience
reflecting grand in the sunlight
with colours in variance
initially with red and green
then with blue and yellow
all in an exuberant glow
with intermittent flash of lights
that added charm to the spray.

Children went round the fountain
clapping the hands in joy
getting wet in the shower
brushing aside the water in gay
trying to get into the spray
pulled back by their parents in fear
enjoying at the luxurious splendour
dancing to the colouring in glee
had a time most memorable and lovely
which would stay in their memory for long.colourful fountain


Scenario Grand.

There they grow in abundance.
There they appear tremendous .
They create a significance
They design a scene harmonious.
While they play a symphony of preference.
Singing with melody.
Dancing with rhythm.symphony
The scenario looks grandiloquent.


Experience In Real life.

Enormous wealth lies unclaimed
while the family is engaged in feuds
A year later it would pass on to the national wealth
while the family would go on fighting
for what is not there as everything has been lost.
Fights do bring justice they say
but I feel it would be possible in a place
where there is law and justice,discipline and decorum.
When these go missing from the scenario
how do you expect a judgement fair and just.
This family has got nowhere as the members fighting
do shadow boxing and keep away from each other
fearing they might lose what they have in hand
perhaps they do not want to share their booty
with the one who has not got anything.
In the end the outsiders, banks and auctioneer’s enter
acquiring a valuable asset and lucrative revenue.
That is how things work when there is no understanding.
when the members lack the fundamental principles and reasoning power.

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The Ocean Drive

It is blue deep blue.

 Water in a beautiful hue,

Waves rolling out without a clue,

Kissing the shore with an amorous  cue.



Winding goes the long drive,

Bends come in a notation live,

The mighty ocean rises in a strive,

Breathing out an awe in a  thrive.


Intermittent bays appear on the way,

Scintillating scenery hold us in a sway,

The huge trees stand in the fray,

Expressing a magnificence all the way.


The hills slopes up and down,

A little steep and brown.

The eucalyptus grows in a lanky throng,

Enhancing the charm to an ecstatic  song.


Down goes the road at times,

Up  climbs the  path at times,

Presenting an enticing scenario  all times,

Lifting us to a  lofty frenzy most times.