Pass and Pause.

The days go in a hurried  move 

I wonder why they move

if they stay almost so

be not in a steady go

it would be  great in the flow

as the leisure would be there

nothing to hurry and take care

else all would be lovely and  fair

as there would be no passing of the day

with the clock not moving in a way

the sun ascending lethargically  all day

as we slowly munch our break fast

while we sip our tea not in deliberate cast

sitting back leaning on a pillar all the more

with legs drawn straight to the fore

there we relax hearing nature’s song

the orchestra of the birds and insects playing

there we pass and pause with joy

Is that day anything near so as to enjoy?

if that be so close  and so near

I would remain in this land without fear8526e44957b763a76757221a962ee301








The Pleasure Great.

Singing is a pleasure

it is being a treasure

with the voice golden

and the expression  not frozen

with melody ringing

along with constant humming

with words so clear and musical

accompanied by background orchestra typical

the exaltation it  tenders is exuberant

with the  liveliness extremely (33)






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The Dance of Little Meenu.

Little Meenu was singing all by herself.

She was dancing all by herself.

She was the  star performer that day

She was the best dancer all the way.


Meenu was  singing at the top of her voice.

Her imagination extended beyond  her toys.

Nursery rhymes were her best choice.

She set them to her own tune with rejoice.

Round and round she went in  steps slow.

She  danced merrily to the melodious flow.

It was both western and oriental in one blow.

Her singing and dancing made her glow.


Her first line was “row,row,your boat”.

It was followed by “are you sleeping ” in a float.

She went back to “row, row, your boat”

She then sang   “Baa,Baa Black sheep” as an end note.


Meenu covered the  big  stage with ease.

Her movements were  soft as a snowy fleece.

Her melody was like a  soft breeze.

Her recital was an impressive feast.

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A Beautiful May Morning.

It is a beautiful May morning,

The grasshoppers are busy flying ,

The butterflies  are buzz buzzing,

The  birds are  sweetly singing,

Depicting a scene most relaxing,

It is then the Sun comes out of the sky.

It is a beautiful May morning,

The baby is crying,

The elder boy is crazily drifting, 

The Lady is  attentively cooking,

Expressing a mood most exasperating

It is then the Sun came out from the sky.



It is a beautiful May morning,

The street is actively bustling,

Cars are incessantly plying,

People are  hurrying,

Enacting a plight most ruminating,

It is then the Sun comes out from the sky.

It is a beautiful May morning,

It is  a mood most relaxing,

The morning scenario is galvanizing

The routine  activities are  thronging,

Presenting the most plausible enthralling,

It is then the Sun comes out of the sky.



It is a beautiful may morning,

The dawn is amazing,

Punctuated by the episodes enticing,

Referred by the instances appealing,

Graduated by  regular happenings,

It is then the Sun  comes out of the sky.