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A Carton in the Court Hall.

cartonA lawyer wheeled a carton in the court hall.
Beaming with pride he posed tall.
Up and down he went with a smiling call.
His clients were moving here and there like a ball.

The carton was huge and catchy.
It was fastened rather tightly.
What was inside? was everybody’s curiosity
Did it contain treasures of precious quality?

It was gently lifted up the stairs.
It caused the gathering to a stubborn stare.
The clients carried it up with an utmost care.
Was there tonnes of gold or gems rare?

The trio pushed it to the judge’s chamber.
Heaving a sigh sat down in a slumber.
They spoke in subdued tone about the number.
Was there any high risky documents in danger?

The judge walked in with a lively style.
Adjusting his glasses read out from the file.
Put forth the salient issues without a guile.
Called the parties to deliberate on them for a while.

The lawyer opened the carton in speed.
What would come out? was everyone’s thought indeed !
Took out the account books to read.
The judge paid the least heed.

The mediation was simple and issue based.
The trio’s expectation was razed.
Knowing not how to handle they stayed embarrassed.
Their upstart behaviour was defaced.

Back again they wheeled the carton to the landing.
Bitten by ignominy they made haste through the standing.
Hurriedly they pushed it into the porch with an irked feeling.
The carton played a role amusingly debasing.

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I Know A Man Called Antony

I know a man lean  and thin,

With a long pointed  chin,

Lanky and awkward ,

Grey  and wayward,

Very  cheap but crafty,

Most cunning least hefty,

Avariciously insincere,

 With Dangerous desire,

Tries to break families,

Feigns  broad smiles,

Draws to   court,

Every simple float,

This  good  Man,

Is Antony  without  Mark,

An unknown culprit in  dark,

In Shakespeare’s  drama

It is Mark Antony pro forma,

 Julius Ceaser   cried “You too Brutus”

Now it is , not a colossus ,

But a loud shout,

“Are you not Antony?’

The breaker of unity,

Yes ,I am,

Replies he,

I break to sustain.

I cut ties to survive,

“Who are you?” my dear Antony,

“I am a lawyer” says Antony.

“Shall  I put you to him?’I ask,

Nay , not , refuses  my friend.

So much ,so good, for all of you

For ,only ,I know a man called Antony.

(Antony is a fictitious character)

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A Lawyer’s Overstep -Crime

A faulty step physically,

Delivers an excruciating  pain,

While a trespass legally,

Deals with a cumbersome train.



A solicitors  misconstrued  activity,

Propels a  desolation,

Distracting  an indemnity,

Of   financial   restoration.



The lawyer’s wicked incline,

Is  a result of under table ,

Won over by the decline ,

Of  values and label.


He is led by  lure

Not by law,

As he  is  a minion  too sure ,

Of all referred flaw .




His diabolical sways,

Strangles the rightful,

As he crosses the bay,

By trampling the resource in full.



Lawyers are most corrupt,

As they blot the legal edifice,

By their schemes of  disrupt,

Advocating a treacherous device.



Disciplinary action should   impinge

A   non bailable  execution,

By pointing to his infringe,

On   terms of violation