How Do You Spend Time?

The regular chores wherever you may be
be it in your home town or abroad
seem to be the same all throughout.

Amused I find myself when people ask
how you spend time over board?
straightening up I thinks for a while.

Nothing pretty different for me anywhere
with the routine behind you
reading, writing and cooking.

With the roof over the head as it should be
with a comfortable working space
I feel no difference wherever it be.

Shopping has always been not my way of life
with a few wants and desire
find great comfort at home with my companions.

Companions, you might wonder who could they be?
there be not life around but lively things across
throwing light on topics of interests that carry me on.

By now,bloggingyou would have guessed what they are?
being that of books and my computer
those take me around the world from where I am ?

After giving out so much I ponder
why they be so inquisitive on my day-to-day work?
as I am a very ordinary person known not by many.

I settle down with ease quiet looking around
they be asking all these for the sake of talking
a time pass for them not for anything serious as I think.


Restoring The Old

Reviving a bet
recycling the old
renovating the building
redoing on the whole
brings an expense much more.

Creating is the best form of doing
aping is the easiest mode of execution
restoring being difficult performance
requires a skill and proficiency overwhelming
undoubtedly to get the original back in shape.

Being so, restoration needs care utmost
minute details have to be looked into intensely
emphasizing a keen insight and research foremost
that takes the procedure to a scrutiny sober
releasing a structural pattern of great value.

Mostly none undertake this assignment
as it demands patience and deft handling
involving a time more than needed that went in to restorationthe original
accompanied by the fear of not spoiling the element
that of restoring the nuances in the old.


All In Time


life timeReading a lot is a pastime.
Writing a lot is full-time
Listening a lot is part-time.
Watching a lot all time
that be my alibi throughout my lifetime
being an enhancement all the times
giving an exaltation most times
raising my spirit to the sublime every time.
Well, that is how I have been living all the times


The Sun Is Still Sleeping In Malaysia

It is still dark outside 

with the time being 7 in the morning

no sound of the birds  on all sides

not that of the honking of cars or any ring

this would be the usual I feel

where the sun sets as late as 8 in the evening

needing a download (61)twelve-hour break  in its steal

the sun would be up only 8 in the morning

This has escaped my attention all through

might be I would have got late

might be I did not go out and see being true

might also be I being preoccupied  in a rate

with the regular chores

that I forgot to note

the sun rise in the morn. from its source

More or less I conclude

the blame is not on the sun

but on the government  all in an include

that has set the timing so be not it a fun


The Motivation

Things have to be done

a let off would  lead to a halt

that be the motivation behind

going with a deep involvement

the factors being pointed out

the figures being worked out

the graph being drawn

the strategies framed with skill

a lot of attention being diverted

the outcome would have been wonderful

if the time had been in favour

so that goes by the belief

be there in the right time

at the right place being vital right place

then you catch the opportunity

with that you get off the mark .




Talking over The Week end

Talking to my children over the week ends

has been my routine for years together

I talk to them without an end

not knowing what way to end altogether

but keeping awake all of us  for hours

as one lives in the  north in a time zone

whilst the other in the south with another time ever

with the variations of morning and evening  alone

the last one  living in the middle almost same time as mine

as both of us live around the tropics  in tone

we go on talking apart from the time with shine

away from the time, beyond the time in glue

with a giggle and a chuckle all through

with tears and a weep while coming to a close

brushing aside the tears that trickle down true

hanging up with the anticipation of resuming in the next week-end

our life has been going about with talking and seeing over the net

very much assuaging and comforting to a great extent  in time zone.a trend

though not as reckoning of the physical touch and proximity

that had been denied to us by living miles apart  in frequency.


Rains After Some Time.

Rains did come  after a long time.

that being a month’s time

when the town is out of time

experiencing only hotness all time

with no water available every time

the land turned a desert of all time

people perspiring and fuming  most time

the down pour  comes late in time

bringing  in a happy time

when people  would rejoice for some  time

expecting copious rains in coming times

they need to replenish their stock  in no time.

Indeed rains should come for all at all times.images (11)









Time Is On time

Missing the time

catches you on wrong foot.

time flies in speed

waiting for no food

time jumps over

crossing the flood

time hops on board

going through  a float

time stumbles never

persuading no flow

time chimes on time

ringing all time.time











Catching With Time.

Catching with catching with time. time is not easy

 running with time is beyond anybody

 doing things on time is clicky

lagging behind is  finicky.



Strolling in languish is deadly

Sauntering in lethargy is risky

Deliberating   casually is  a folly

Deciding late is truly  unholy.


It looks like a pile up

taking together in a round-up

acting quick not rash is the build up

as early perceptions go with a fill up.


Acting right at the  exact moment

shows the best option in the remnant

It irons out the  gruesome torment

opening out an easy  filament .


That being so there arises a facility

that holds on to a novelty

where people attain a stability

creating a wonderful  product of  quality.










Time Never Dies.

Who can answer time?
None can do.
None can match.
Yet it is time that rules
going tick tick
every second, every minute
calling all the world to its feet
either it be the Great Grandfather
or the minutest of all wrist watches
oscillating this side to that side
with regulated measures and strikes
caring for the people all over
crossing them when so ever
reminding them all over
but never going still
always chiming sternly
always performing grand
great be the time
greater are the days gone
greatest are the years to come
A decade, a millennium and so on.time
where time never dies.