Time Never Dies.

Time is ever existing.

Who can answer time?
None can do.
None can match.
Yet it is time that rules
going tick tick
every second, every minute
calling all the world to its feet
either it be the Great Grandfather
or the minutest of all wrist watches
oscillating this side to that side
with regulated measures and strikes
caring for the people all over
crossing them when so ever
reminding them all over
but never going still
always chiming sternly
always performing grand
great be the time
greater are the days gone
greatest are the years to come
A decade, a millennium and so on.time
where time never dies.

By meenas17

A lover of classical Carnatic music.
An avid reader, passionate writer, into stocks and investments for livelihood

2 replies on “Time Never Dies.”

Vanamamalai great grand father Manager Raja of Ramnad with walking stick,Advocate N.Balu pillai lowering his eyes, Saravana pillai co brother of V.O.C. From udumalpet with holdal,Inspector Shanmugasiva of Muthukulathur summoned Pasumpon, Maraikattil oru manikam vedharethinam pillai, Tinneveli Ramanuja kaviyar are our forefathers.Karumuttu had dealings with the above people.Engal thanthaiyar nadenumpothinilae oru sakthi pirakkuthu moochinilae

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