Daily Archives: August 16, 2013

The Writer’s Responsibility.

There is a way to write
with dignity and pride
not just throwing words
forming a sentence
conveying no meaning
condemned as insensible.
writers owe responsibility
that of putting in black and white
terms signifying sense secure.
Speakers get a better chance
as they voice not write
therein lies the variance
One could talk anything
then say I never said so
or else I never meant so.
as words are sounds
that flow through the wind
could be heard no more
unlike writing which stays firm
on the paper where it is written
With an argument strong
papers could be torn also
there confronts a distraction
that all could be destroyed
men, matter, nature and words
finding nothing at the end. writer's responsibility

The Eyes Narrate.

Eyes always hold attention
big or small it might be
they tell you who you are
and what you think
at the moment and before
sometimes they are inspiring
other times they are conspiring
while they emit kindness
they do also express evil
showing out love on occasions
staring with anger at times
revealing fear and apprehension in tunefear
elucidating bravery and achievement too
the eyes play a contradictory role
telling us what is going to happen on whole.

The Strongest And Fittest.

Many animals that were found
have left the scenario unnoticed
The braying of donkeys was a sound
heard most in the mornings
but now notdonkeys braying heard any more.
The horses neigh in the early hours
but no such noise is found around.
Hearing a few barks of dogs now and then
as they still are held as pets
the unrestricted run of them in the roads
is found no more mostly.
That being with the dogs
the cats one or two still cross us
with a mew and mew in a demure.
Mouse and rats that brought with them
plague and hundred more diseases
have been constrained to the shopping areas
as the households have found means and ways
to eradicate them greatly and cleverly
With that the cows are the only left.
but they too are seen loitering in remote places
where human habitation has become rare.
The coexistence theory has long been sent home
as man has emerged the strongest and the fittest.

Economic Bonhomie

The economy is building up
say all with the hep
How do they build the economy?
Is it any thing of the bonhomie.
Being a citizen of the world
where financials center around gold
which is marked by a rise and fall
knowing not from where it takes the call
it has a dictatorial sway over
with others taking the cover
be it commodities and stocks
if happen to move should unlock
the big one that hangs over gold
which stretcheseconomy others to a freeze and cold
precipitating the inflation to an extent
where people have to shy away with less intent
restricting their buy to a bare necessity
if that be there with an ingenuity
then the economy would shoot up to a level
by which the countries down could revel
and get confined to progress and prosperity

The Mother’s Way.

Reluctant to go to school
the child lay cool.
Time was running out
but he was firm in and out.
Hearing the honking of the school bus
his mother got up in a mess
finding him still on bed
clearing her throat she said.
Are You not going to school?
The boy turned on his bed cool.
Leaving him to himself
the mother reached the shelf
took a book to read
forgetting all other breed.
The son got up and walked in tip toe
finding not even a toast on board
He came to his mother slowly
Have you not prepared the breakfast?
The mother went throughlittle boythe pages fast
The boy went back to his room
and sat there all day in gloom.

A Practice

Going into the minute
leaving the magnitude
is the attitude
that lies in the latitude
very much also in the longitude
which leads to a big hole
considering the whole
where majority gets bowled
while the minority is rolled
keeping nothing in hold
as the big and small
track down to a fall