The High Way Drive

The roads I take are highways
long and straight with no face.
It is drive, a drive to the end
faster and safer without bends.
Paying tolls at every town’s entry
passing through the tolls sentry
reaching the destination well ahead
as we not drive but fly instead.

All being well with great advance
there is most missing the chance
no lively being crosses the way
nothing interrupts the fray
as buildings and houses seen in roads
with hoardings and huge The highwaysignboards
lending a touch of reality and recognition
a sight-seeing like activity without friction.

The hurry which is involved in the driving
makes one despise the very act of travelling
The monotony that gets in the run
robs the feeling of pleasure and fun
Driving straight through the highway
noticing only cars that go in the same way
tends to be stressful and exhausting
Well, I feel that the older way is most interesting.


Caution Of The Day.

The rush up towards north today
with the hope of accomplishing a task in a day
as it looked very promising and attractive yesterday
thinking it would get through at any cost by the day
came to a not so alluring ending as expected this day.
It was half complete and reached the middle in mid day
wherein an apprehension surged up unexpectedly over the day
with doubts rising in a familiarity across the day
Not to overshadow the suspicion that arouse later in the day
left it as such till it gets cleared day by day
not by force or entreaty through the days
but allowing it to explain the merit not in a day
as in the long run it would have to would endure against the days
and withstand all allegations from today to future days
dispersing the suspicions as baseless as in most days.accomplishing



The words he spoke were soft and sweet
not rough and impolite.
The way he spoke was softer still
not reflecting anger.
The intention with which he spoke
was the softest all over
delivering no ill will.
The sense it conveyed in the most graceful manner
was one of great deliberation
It was a determination echoed in the best way
worded in a great style with beautiful syntax
and lovely diction enough to get bowled over
and very much impressive it being
the listeners have to go by his sway
without any second thought and distraction.
n expressive eloquence. eloquence crafted with skill
and taciturn understanding.
It was grand to hear and lovely to watch
praising him aloud everyone said.
” what A Man” he is.


Days Fly BY

The days flydays fly in such speed
that before we rise up
and get along the day disappears.
Why is the day in such a hurry?
Thinking of that for a moment
as much time could not be spared
because the day closes up quick
I found out that he day has grown impatient
with us lazy guys spending time as we wish
and taking the day for granted
not paying attention to its existence
not giving its due credit
antagonized by our behaviour
the day comes and goes in such velocity
In a way it is doing its duty perfectly
whilst we procrastinate, delay and drag
as we want and as we think at its expense.


A Philosophy Peculiar.

The tiring of the mind
and the fatigue of the body
gets to an extent of compulsion
when we want to disown both.
It is not such easy to get rid
as the other things that we possess
like the properties and jewels
As for the nature of all
we are temporary owners
having then for some time
and pass it on to the next generation
with only a difference a very remarkable
the mind and body gets exhumed or buried
while the others get going to the next
from there to the next and next.
That which cannot be handed over
lies with us till the end
that being the mind and body.
However much they give us problem
they live with us by keeping on
nagging and prodding incessantly.
mind and body