Daily Archives: August 22, 2013

A Less Known Travel

Travelling with an enthusiasm
seeking adventure all throughout
went up a dense forest
situated on a hill little away
where wild animals freely roam.
With the desire to see them
my friend and I jumped into a jeep
drove through the entire forest
going to each nook and corner
around the lakes that lay full
hoping to see the animals loitering about.
Having seen many of them in the zoo
behind the cages morose and sombre
wanted to see them free and at liberty
nestling in the forests thick
nudging each other while walking lazily.
Waiting for long time atop the hills
finding no sign of the animals
raised the engine to maklion a move.
Finally to our delight and alarm at the same time
saw a roaring lion shaking its mane audaciously
marching royally towards us in a stately walk.
Negotiating the turn carefully we made our way
along the road driving hastily in a hurry
On our way came across many other friends mild
the giraffe, zebra and the monkeys
lying in the pathway breathing the fresh air
and munching the green leaves in a relaxed notion.

Love At First Sight

Meeting her in the night
under the moonlight
he fell head over heels
no words to express his feel
he gazed at her with wide eyes
won over by her elegance nice
wanted to take her in his arms
as she had an ecstatic charm.
Her hair long and shining
fell freely over her back dangling
Her eyes were wide and full of cheer
emitting expressions of grace and fear
while her lips were rosy and had fine lines
her talk was soft and full of sensible binds.
Having seen never a girl like her
he became mad in love with her
These are all his descriptions of her
His portrayal would go on for ever and ever
never for another one he would go for sure.

beautiful girl

Burning The Midnight Oil

Burning the midnight oil
a famous idiom of toil
gets now altered with electricity
that is found not in cities
but in every available soil
while it is becoming a boil
ever costlier in alacrity
turning to alternative coils
that of solar and wind in gritty
while the solar is gaining loyalty
the wind has proved its credence
but none could beat the powerful semblance
released primarily by electrical power
with much ease facilitating a cover
great and wide encompassing the area
with full supply alternatedoil lamp with appropriate idea
The world is in the look out for resources
cheap and perineal almost falling on solar source
which is found in abundance but has to be streamlined
so as to enable a distribution uniform not out of line

The Train Puffs off

Hurrying toward the running train
with the luggage heavy
he got into a compartment
Moving towards his own seat
could not locate the number right
He went up and down the compartment
pulling his luggage with him as an attachment
failing to track his seat however much he tried
he sat down in disgust on a place by the side
As the excessive run has depleted his energy
Exhuasted as he should be dozed off without synergy
A halt in a station woke him up rudely
He got down to get some magazines freely.
Seeing the name of the station on board
his heart sank below the sea level like a toad.
He all along was travelling in the opposite direction.
At the same time the whistle blew with the indication
before he could get into the train it puffed off
and with it his luggage went off
leaving him helplesstrain puffs and hapless

The Head Splits.

Holding the head for a while
as it ached with such a sting
not I mean the real head ache
but the agony that split it
Felt, as though the brain
pushing from all corners
trying to get out with force
made me dizzy for a duration.
The blood flow rushed up and down
through the adrenaline in velocity
causing undue pressure and strain
while I could hear the heart palpitate
with not equal intervals as normally
but with frequency bringing in a setback
that pushed me to become half dead
and dead I lay there for quite some time
knowing not what to do and what not to do.holding head

Over To The Past

Deliberating while sitting at home
thinking of the past happenings
the way of life that had gone by
the years that have passed over
kept me occupied in the morning.
The days that had fled bore experiences
reflecting the struggle that had been borne
halting over the bitterness that had gone
how all these had to come to an end
after inflicting volumes of injury and hurt
Those days have passed leaving an indelible mark
that remains in the heart permanently.deliberating
It looks as though it is concealed deep down
but is found obviously in the body and face
which did not endure any mishap whatsoever
but had undergone the stress and anguish.