Applying Holy Ash

He is known for his irrelevance.
His answers without any reference
being asked one very much straight
he goes round being his trait.
That might not be startling
but his way of talking
would bring in a surprise
not at any affordable price
but quoting an exorbitant claim
saying it with a smashing proclaim
ascertaining with a bash
that he be a godly figure in a dash
quoting from scriptures holyapplying-vibhuti-on-forehead
not the original text of the holy vedas
but his own fictitious scripts
as how to apply the holy ash
that could be thrown into trash.
made gaudy by his own insensibility
let alone his cranky outbreaks
that find a few takers
who later feel for listening to him
as he is an imbecile dull and dim.


Love Is Blind-Haiku

Love being blind
sees no reason or colour
it loves blind.

Love is blind
seeing with long sighted vision
it goes blind.

Love is blind
leading not through the course
it becomes blind.

Love is blind
crossing not with easy jump
it turns blind. love is blind


Love Blossoms

With a twinkle in her eye
she sees her lover all shy
blushing red and looking rose
she makes her way to a close.
With him near her side
her love goes in for a hide.
Her eyes give her out
pouring out her love no doubt.
He embraces her with amour
driving away her tremor.
Holding her so close to him
looks into her eyes grim,
She melts like snow in his arms
releasing herself to his charms.
The love blossoms and blooms
soon he would turn to be the bridegroom.

lovers embrace


I Am Indebted.

The dog next house
keeps watching my house
when I am in
and when I am not.
Not anything terrific it looks
it being a skinny little dog
very alert and shrewd
From morn to-night
it lies near my gate
ever on the look out.
Anyone could push him out
as he is weak and bony
but still the fear of the dog
keeps them away from coming near
making my house well protected
while i live in a peace and harmony
with no modern equipmentslike alarm
but in touch with a friendly dog
who for no single penny
guards me from assailants.skinny brown dog


Thrill And Excitement.

The thrill and excitement
that prevailed so long
had suddenly disappeared
emanating from the dealings
with people knowing very little
yet posing defiant and knowledgeable
supporting their arguments
with facts and figures
appropriate to their own terms
befitting their own reliability
Once, to the great surprise
brought a carton of accounts to court
written for years together
accounted in a language
not familiar to the land
where the judges and the officials
know that there exists a language
but know not a word of it
Seeing them carry up and down
was a scene of absolute ridicule
but to them it was an authentic presentation
illustrating their genuinity and business acumen
being a melodrama conducted by their solicitor.
Now,the curtains have been pulled down
and with that the excitement has vanished.thrill