Time Never Dies.

Who can answer time?
None can do.
None can match.
Yet it is time that rules
going tick tick
every second, every minute
calling all the world to its feet
either it be the Great Grandfather
or the minutest of all wrist watches
oscillating this side to that side
with regulated measures and strikes
caring for the people all over
crossing them when so ever
reminding them all over
but never going still
always chiming sternly
always performing grand
great be the time
greater are the days gone
greatest are the years to come
A decade, a millennium and so on.time
where time never dies.


Calling A Bankrupt.

Once going bankrupt was a deficiency.
today that which indicates great efficiency
of all trades and systems is bankruptcy
Men going insolvent in yester years
called for shame and derogation
even inciting a suicidal reflection
Insolvency these days or recently
devolve notoriety with no big infliction
as men go about in smile and cheer
with the stamp of insolvency coming bankruptcy back
crossing over the bridge that is very near
by resorting to means of deceit without slack
and getting emboldened by legal loopholes
that help them clear the thunderbolts
with a fraud and manipulation in the hole
releasing them from the barred bolts
with an ease and comfort never before heard or told.


In A Steal

The pretty flower from yonder beckons
going to it in the fastest run
tripped on a small stone
fell down and broke the bone.

With the bruised leg and torn calf muscle
walked slowly brushing aside the tussle
went near the lovely flower
which went past my cheeks in a shower.

Then with a limp and a painful pull
turned back with loving feelings full
stretching the hurt leg on the sofa
reminisced the event with a guffaw.

The dainty flower likes me, I feel
as it kissed my cheeks with a feel
seem to caress me with a smothering feel
Oh! it has taken my heart in a steal.pretty flower


Out Of The Track

A rabbit is munching a stalk
in front of the garden
turning upside down on the grass
it sped across the valley like a lark.

In came the gardener with a cutter
shaved all the grass in no time
making the ground almost bald and bare
he walked across to the other end in a flutter.

Then came the rains all of a sudden
drenching the land to the full.
where water flowed from this bank to that
as it came the rain retreated without a burden.

I am going too much out of the track in tune
first talked about the rabbit in tone
then reported the gardener’s act with a groan
finally the downpour allows a get away well-known.rabbit


Dull And Dim

Dullness takes hold
with a strong fold
making me crapped
and totally trapped
brooding over
with eyes lower
tapping my forehead
walking in tread
stretching my arms
losing my charm
finally retiring to bed
as I have nothing to dodull instead.


The Invisible Hand.

All roads led to Rome
I went back home
having to do nothing much
sat down with a book
that talks of many things
that happened in the last decade.
A real story of the governance
where there was an invisible hand
clutching the man at the helm
allowing him not to act briskly
but putting him to untold torture
with that being the compulsion
the man who had to rule
dozed off in his powerful chair
winking now and then initially
then the frequency increased
as the fear grew fast in him
as such there being no administration
the country slowly leapt to bankruptcy.
Taken aback by such confessions
after a lapse of yP.Mears
made me think and think
as how countries go to dogs
as how the citizens get swayed away
by the tantric of the powerful