There You Are.

Seeing what is there
commenting about it
without any extra details
describing as it is
making nothing more of it
tells you are prosaic.

Seeing what is there
adding imagination to it
coloring it beautifully
allowing it to take wings
making the most of it
emphasizes you as a poet.

Seeing what is there
enjoying it for itself
loving it more and more
depicting it with gesticulations
making it an experience
finds you as a dramatist.

The three perceptions
basically tell the same
but one with a reality
another an exaggeration drama
and the last one an entertainment
all that pointing to the very same


The Wicked Man

He grumbleswicked man all the time
with a long face and pouting lips
finding fault for no reason or rhyme
he murmurs and scolds without any tips
that being his behaviour all times
he is shunned by most in all slips.

Nurturing a vengeance over everyone
irrespective of their stature or standing
he spits venom barring none
worsening the relationship to a breaking
always cursing having no fun
a ruthless wicked man in the run.


My Days Mostly At Home.

With the trees and plants around
I have never felt alone
To me televisions hold no interest
it is the nature that lies around
with all its bounties and beauty
that make my days pass without monotony.
Like to stay at home in their company
with books and periodicals in hand
all through weeks and months.
The rustling of wind enamours me.
The sound of thunder arouses me.
The lightning captivates me.
The rains bring an exuberance and joy
while the falling of leaves wake me up
specially that of the fronds of coconut trees.
the dangling of roses in the garden
solicit me to them every other hour
The chirping of birds take me to a world
where cawing and tweeting present a symphony.
With the books as companions the day passes
going by coconut treesintermittent phone calls and cups of tea
with lunch and dinner simple and healthy
keep me engaged all through
and the time passes without venturing out


In Heaven.

The heaven is beautiful they say
with flowers and greenery all over
While the good people find place there
revelling in splendour and comfort
all the more for the things they had done
and for the person the way they lived
kind and good, generous and magnanimous
touching nothing that is not theirs
attacking none and for that reason
quarreling with none nor taking
cudgels at any one unfriendlyHeavenPA048
nurturing not vengeance
brooding not evil
thinking always good
and living by principles
which had brought them to heaven
after their death
So, in the heaven they enjoy
peace and goodwill
all being a reward for they being
honest and sincere, nice and gentle.


Wading Through

Wading through the waters
dragging out whatever possible
his breath got shorter
wondering whether it would be tangible
he made his way to the shore greater
while the water pulled him down
the weight he carried immersed him further
he struggled hard to get through alone
marooned in the vicious waters for long
his hands and legs got numbed
he had to make it fast or else in a song
the sweeping waters would get him embalmed.
An incident that brings into the mind
the struggles in real life of a kind
similar to this in find
of crossing the life cycle with strain
have to do no matter it be a drain.



The cyclic monsoon hit the town
flooding it largely
lampooning the town extensively.
The rains poured day and night
no person was in sight
The roads were with water
everything else was shorter
with no activity either
and habitation neither
it looked deserted wholly
not looking wasted entirely
but fully logged and surrounded
marshy messfloods and clogged
Generally water is a life-giver
now it has become life taker
halting the movements absolutely
while heralding an alert necessarily.