It Is Irritating.

It is irritating nothing but irritating.
It is trash nothing but trash.
Having been away mentally
Seeing not eye to eye
keeping a distance from a particular irritatingperson
I hate myself for calling him a person.
Not talking a word about them
let it be good or adverse.
That being my habit all through
as to not pronounce the names of those
who had harmed me wantonly.
That being so,I got a call from overseas
Mind you it was a missed call
Calling back respecting the seniority of the caller
who came on-line very briskly
started talking about the person.
I told him in no certain terms
that the call is wasteful expense
My patience flew into a rage
shouted at him for behaving so funny
as he knows fully well that I care a tuppence
and not cast my eyes on the concerned person
Closing down I was shaking with anger
and wondered why people act so badly


Come Down

You living in a world of dreams.
and living in a glass house
while building castles in the air
galloping fast on the horse
that is saddled with imagination
come down to the present
not on a horse or on the wings
just take a stroll round the town
walking at your own pace and style
not with great hurry but in leisure
you would get an experience new
that of hunger and disease
with deficit and death all over
where the inflation has played havoc
where there is no economy or financials
that of the research, analysis and thesis
but abject poverty and abominable rejection
where people are lying on roads begging for food
and playing music for a penny
are the many expressions that escape your attention
rather do not exist in your lexicon.
Let me tell you have a look at all these
and violintell me what you feel.


Closing The Eyes.

Closing the eyes
while talking over phone
looks little out of size
being practised by none
but doing that by tries
has become my ownclosing
giving a feeling of flies
away from the reality zone.

It being a pause and cause
holding me over and above
not wanting to see the real farce
but keeping me in a flow
talking with concentrated clause
relevant to the conversation on toe
with no distraction in the close.


Filling The Boat With Water.

boatThe future looking very promising
he goes on with his ideas eulogizing
not listening to anyone for the cause
not thinking of what would be the course.
The futuristic design is appreciated
going with the moderation dedicated
but not with a haste injected
and speed that would one day get ejected
that would overcome the future itself
with debts and liabilities in the shelf
that could land one in troubled waters
before one could realise the status
and correct the fault with a delineation
the boat would be full of water and in alienation
ready to go into the depth in a wink
just the moment,rather at the brink
when one is going to retrieve it safelydownload (25)


Sense Of Suspicion

Living with a sense of suspicion
thinking of all possibilities
that might happen not on its own
but being planted wantonly
appears to be a problem of the mind.

The purposeful mischief exists
there being no doubt of itsuspicion
but for all shortcomings
placing the blame on sabotage
looks ridiculous and strange.

The players are no way invincible,
They too have their slips and turns
that could overturn their designs.
They have to deal with extra caution
as they are into something evil and bad.

Facing the situation bravely.
Undaunted you be of any throws
The resolute mind could overthrow
and keep progressing without flaw
Let this be your approach hereafter.