The Location

Mountains kiss the skies
stay stock on the ground
with heaven over and above
and earth down and below
along with rivers flowing
and seashills roaring and rising


A Gifted Liar.

liar-liar-300x300He does not build cock and bull stories
He designs break even super tales
It must be intriguing as it sounds hoary.
It is what he compresses in bales.

Telling lies is an art superior I say.
Every word being a lie is a culmination of art
He casts each lie as deftly as he could in a way.
The piece looks lovely from the start.

He says one thing this hour with grace.
He calls me saying that he is on the way to meet me.
Then he switches off his phone leaving nothing to trace.
Waiting in the station I find that he has made a fool of me.

He speaks lies in such a close-knit weaving.
To get into the nuances we need skill extraordinary.
Never he repents or feels hard for so much lying.
Well, such men do live with pride seems not ordinary.


The Strive And Drive.

Never was it an easy strive.
Everything being a dizzy drive.
Had to work hard to go up in life.
It being a dedicated strife.

Doing the best at all levels in the stride.
Going across all obstacles crossing the tide.
Never was a recipient of rewards great.
Never was recognised early or late.

On that magnitude lived all these years.
Most of the time controlling the tears.
Well, have to prolong for few more years
Keeping up with the world not in fears.rewards


Orders Of Courts

Orders of Courts are for a follow
Not designed as anything to swallow.
How many orders are being carried out?
Does the Courts get the details about?

Orders Of Courts have become shallow
Much prescribed from the hollow.
Holding no value or merit in the run
Set aside for convenience mostly shunned.

Orders Of Courts are read out by judges
subsequently signed by them without smudges.
The orders remain orders for months
namesake sealing the time as one month.

The judges and Courts care no more.
The involved lawyers get away from the core.
The Plaintiff stretches and drags the execution.
The Defendant fumes and sags over the detention.

What are courts for I know not?
What do judges do I know not?
Judges preside over Courts not seriously
Courts and judges behave dubiously.court room


Know Not From Yonder

With eyes stuck openeyes stuck open
while her temper rose
not even a flutter
her eyelids did not batter
her lips did not twitch
here she stood like a stone
unmoved and unperturbed
being the shock too much
beyond any endurance
she was like a rock
seeing everything
nothing got into her mind
for many hours she was like that
Who would have hurt her?
What would be the reason?
Know not from yonder


The Man And Master.

A man of little means
working from morn to night
not a permanent job in hand
but doing odd jobs at many a home
very well-mannered and genial
above all most trustworthy
has no expectations in life
lives from his earnings
with his children and wife
moving about in a bicycle
answers every call with a smile
and talks affably to everyone.
Sad to say that man had to face a brunt
from one of his masters
who called him to his office
scolded him for no reason at all
asking him to man on cycle.swear that too
on his child ‘s head
he had to do and did he
then walked out from the place
carrying his little child
completely broken and devastated.