Daily Archives: August 12, 2013

That is Me

Lot of things to do
before I go to sleep
so saying I went here and there
I climbed up in a hurry
then descending down the stairs fast
ran to the kitchen to wind up
seeing nothing amiss over there
turned quickly back to lock it
dashed on the wall by mistake
while a little water lay there
stumbledfall and lost the balance
fell flat on the floor
crashing my forehead on the pedestal
wailing Oh My God !lay down there for
quarter of an hour passed
with tears streaming down the cheeks
experiencing an excruciating pain.
Then, had to get up bearing the hurt
made way to the bedroom limping
fell on the bed after taking a pain-killer
while the hurt lay dormant for few hours
dozed off lying in a peculiar style
with my head raised high up
and my aching knee on the top of four pillows

The Experienced Love.

Married through forty years
love going strong all through
with the sensual love of early years
slowly subduing and blossoming up into new
flowering into a bond of understanding
where flirtations have given way to realisation
with the serious thought and graceful dealing
leading one into another to a perfect recognition
the couple go holding their hands together
carefully crossing the tides in total elegance
might be prescribing a style with relevance..

happy couple

Mid Morning Sun

Out in the hills
trekking up the slopes
saw the sun shining still
coming through in rays
through the dense trees
while the yellow flames
piercing through the green vegetation
was a sight fantastic to watch
being a fantasy t experience.
poets have sung about sunrise
slowly ascending from the blue ocean
and also many have got in verse
the sun set in poetic diction
where the red ball sinks into the ocean again
but I for one had a different course
that of not the early sun and twilight
but of the mid morning sun
neither too hot in its peak
not too light mid morning sunas in its early hours
but middle and moderate
medium tone and endurable
shining brightly through the rising hills
playing hide and seek by coming out
and going in quick mode of display
a real thrilling experience indeed!

Going In Flames.

The puff of smoke went around him
He being immersed in the fumes through him
Not coming out from any fire mishap
but emanating from his cigar in shapes
going in circles all around him
making him cough incessantly
affecting not only him but others sufficiently
affecting his lungs and laryngitis
would make him lose his voice in ease
Not being sad of he being destroyed
but his children and family get decayed
his friends and people who knowingly or unknowingly
have to be with him for constraints seemingly
succumb to the destruction very quickly
Alas! poor souls go in flames for no fault of theirs.smoking  kills

A Delight So

It is a day of deviation
want to be away in action
not of the usual involvement
but in the different environment
away from the daily routine’
mucdownload (22)h away into the setting
where there is no pressure
where there is only leisure
with no receipt and payment
only there be entertainment
mostly forgetting who I am?
It has begun so and remains so
hope it would continue also
leaving me in a refreshment
releasing a delightful sentiment.