Daily Archives: August 23, 2013

Economy Revives.

Getting into the pavilion
where they had gathered million
talks about billions
hitting beyond trillions
rant the air with shouts and cries
while calls on the stock markets
and claims on the housing
have caught the fire
the thought about money
has reached the sky
where hundreds and thousands
have no say in the context
as the speculation mounts up
the trade volume rises up
indicating a trend lively
that economy has become robust.0705-US-economy-jobs-report_full_600

Accepting Responsibility.

Citing many reasons for his failure
he came out with a flimsy reason
ascribing to his unsuccessful bids.
That may be true to the very word
but sounded totally foolish
Hresponsibilityad he been little more focused
he would have won it with great merit.
Simply saying that it has escaped his attention
does not hold water as the loss is enormous.
He always throws the towels in despondency
never subscribing to the defect openly.
Telling this and that for the fall off
has been his way of life in the course of years.
Never wanted to learn a lesson from mistakes
but always wishes to get the best of other’s efforts.
The character of him has been of great distress
as he is known for his slips and faults.

An Apple A Day

An apple a day keeps the doctor away
goes the maxim with an emphatic stress
many fruits claim the same way
as they also have nutrition in excess.
Fruits do give adequate vitamins in the fray
while they are new and deliciously fresh
They release a healthy growth on the way
when consumed in right proportional plus.
Every fruit has a lovely taste for sure
Some are sweet and mouth-watering to eat
others are sour but still a delight for ever.
Few are though bitter still tasty beyond beat.
Not apple alone is healthy say the rest in chorus
With pears and grapes claiming the top rank
while mango and tropical fruits call with an arouse
plums and peaches speak out in a voice a bit tanked
the lesser known ones mangostin and durian give a chose
being liked by a few and detested by many keeping away from the bankapple
With their voices heard with a bang and with a whisper altogether
one can conclude that the maxim is just a careless include.

A Rose Plant.

The rose plant over there
has grown without care
Each day it flowers
remaining there for hours
None to tend her at all
None to pluck her in all
She has grown by herself
keeping her to herself.
She grows on the path
giving out no wrath
instead extends a delight
withstanding without fright.
Oh! my rose over there
is there as everybody’s share.Rosa-Alexander-300x225

I Have A Dream

I have a dream said Martin Luther King
fifty years ago in an eloquent sing.
A dream where everyone would become equal
Well, that dream has led to sequels
where distinctions of colour had faded
while the demarcations are reduced by shades
yet there we find still feuds and tantamount
pertaining to the racial hatred that discounts
the proven magnanimity which is holding the count.
Not there is seen absolute unity among the races
with the colour fair mostly running the chases.
Well visible through the coverage of the society
while it is prominently experienced with a sobriety.
The dream of Martin Luther King has become a reality partial
where the racial sadism has diluted to a level facial
His dream was of a full recognition and admission
where his children would become citizens without any remission.
That to be achieved we have to wait for long years still
envisaging a perfect embrace of the White and Black by will.Martin Luther King