Dashing Through The Road.

Leaving the house in a hurry
she forgot to lock the doors
With all doors and windows wide open
she took her car off in a jump
and drove in such speed dashing through
hip hopping through the streets
knocking every pedestrian who crossed by
hitting all the cars that came opposite
throwing the vehicles that went in front
She went in deadly speed almost like a whirl wind
and reached her destination on a late hour
where her little one was standing out
all alone near the gate of her school.
The mother in her became so violent
that she forgot all norms and factors
Great goes the motherly instinct.little girlschool gate.


The Vagaries Of Talk.

Talking with reason has been deserted.
Now talk for reason has been inserted.
The subtle difference goes in the hanging
letting all in way of balancing.
A curious feeling is holding many a talk
The desire to excel being the prime stalk
The intention to extract gets the follow.
The thought to win by gibberish scaling comes from the hollow.
A sudden piercing and an immediate tearing turn the tides.
As and when there occurs a stalemate the irrelevance takes over in stride
In the fashion that talks proceed and pull over through jaunts
focusing mainly on the necessity and of greatly the wants
the real essence of talk gets lost in the wilderness
as talk self deceit and self-esteem find an appearance
relaying the foundation of the most simplified communication.



Perceptions go for a take
and a call extraneous
making them almost spectacular.

Perceptions do differ
with extractions dissimilar
demanding an intrinsic validity.

Perceptions occasionally converge
with impressions familiar
distributing a conformity regular.perceptions



Joy And Jolts

It is a dream that takes me through.
It is a stream that makes me go through.
It is a cream that adds to my charm.
Well, it is a scream that makes me back always.Variationd scream


At Your Portals.

The early morning breeze blows on noiselessly.
Just up from the bed and stretching out lethargically
the bright sunshine gushes through the window hastily
Opening out the window and peering through curiously
see the greenery and flowers greeting you lovingly
as the tender breeze strikes through your face ligthly
you could feel the difference of the fresh breeze noticeably.
Locked all through the night under the control of electrical gadgets lonely
the fan and the air conditioner rendering a coolness much-needed artificially
relieving and diffusing the perspiration and stuffiness mechanically
The morning breeze knocks you down as it kisses your face softly
with the sweet fragrance that it brings along naturally
travelling through mounts and valleys which host largely
an abundance of vegetation that hold enormous value incidentally
bearing properties of medicinal texture and scented effervescence strongly
The daintily laden breeze delivers an intoxication at your door step voluntarily
while itmoring breeze remains a mystery and an enigma all over the world fortunately
Amazing it is to experience Nature’s benevolence at your portals eventually
brought by herself without any cost and expense almost daily.