Act On Time

Act when it is necessary
as deferring would cause misery
as delay would bring in a lethargy
causing a state of inactivity largely.

Strike it with force as much as you could
never give chance to reiterate in the likelihood
as the time given would land you in trouble unforeseen
as deals would creep up from corners unknown.

Experience makes me write these in verse
as undue tolerance has ended me in terse
enforcing a struggle none should go through
as it has seized much of my courage all through.

Be not secondary to any one at any cost.
Confirm your place at any slot.
Go ahead with your plans with strong will
get going with antime assertive kill.


Callous He Be.

Sobbing she fell into his arms.
hsobbinger sobs became a loud cry
it went high up the air
broke all decibel
as she fainted falling down.
He, being callous, as could be
left her as such unconscious
down on the ground flat and forsaken
moved away fast from the blessed place.
She lay half dead on the ground for hours
not recovering from the shock
almost frozen like an ice Berg
while her body became cold
her heart beat fast
breaking all the norms
as if ready to jump out
and run behind him
as now she wanted nothing more
but to strangle him to death.


The Champion

There being a liveliness all over
exposing a sentiment of attachment
vying for the top slot in a win over
the competition became an event
showing spirit high and low
ebbing over in an amusing way
flowing down in an unusual stray
finally came the winning spot
where the expectation rose beyond
the shouts blew over in a rhapsody
hailing the one much appreciated as the champion
but like all things go out of controlchampion
this one also lost its track
going wayward into the unexpected quarter
as the least expected shot up from nowhere
emerging as the champion in all respects.


Belongs Not To Me

Everything belongs not to me
as I am always a being to exert
and a person to exercise
on behalf of another
going by his instructions
dancing to his vile and gibes
never once free to go about my way
if done gets crossed in the middle
found fault in the quarter
finally fruits go to someone else
totally controlling over from behind
making a picture that he had made it all.
Well,download (19)that has been a way through and through
now grumbling in the end proposes a nervousness
that does not befit my personality as s


The Unlikely

I may sound unlikelyunlikely
not tying with the world
however much I try
I could not get into it
A sound that is left unheard
causes waves in me.
A scene that goes unnoticed
makes me dwell on it for hours.
A remark that is just thrown out
hurts me a lot to the very being.
A tear that is just wiped off
harms me to the essential
Why I am so? I deliberate.
never could find an answer
all through my life
and live differently from the rest


The Poets Words.

Bringing to the desk
every other poet’s saying
bidding to live as said
makes one dull and disinterested.
A poet is a creative genius
coming on with his experience
never compelling us to take forth
his sayings as gospel truth.
It is his platform to pour
his thoughts and feelings
a spontaneous outflow of his emotions
that had and has helped him
unload his thoughts in detail
adding colour and a feel
enhancing the read and delivery.
Confronting him at this juncture
interpreting his words
with different connotations
and coordination from the originalpoet  words
lends an agonistic infringement.


The Rose On A Thorn

Seated on a thorn
the rose looks beautiful
aware of its risk
where a slight turn
this side or that
would bring a disaster.
rroseemember a delicate little flower
with its lovely colour
and soft silk like petals
finds its hold on a thorn.
Wondering how it balances
all through without getting hurt
is an enigma to me throughout
like so many other incongruities
that get on well and prosper