Daily Archives: August 27, 2013

Nothing Original

As one grows old
the hair turns grey
the eyes see less,
nose functions full
teeth get shaky
and the legs ache
while there is a break
as every joint cracks
and every bone squeaks
so with the colouring of the hair
and spectacles knocking your nose
and dentures lying smart in your mouth
and with stents implanted stent-implantin your heart
you pull along till you can
dragging your legs and feet
holding on with your wobbling hands
as the original has given way to the artificial

My Good Old Cook

Settling back on my ease chair
setting through the days back
as they came on by one in turns
resembling the slide show
while I was browsing them with my mental eyes
one such scene struck me through
that of the days when I went to school.
One day girl drinking milkI missed my milk
as it was getting late for school
jumped into the car waiting in the porch
asking my driver to rush through
as I was crossing the patio
my faithful cook who had been with us long
came running with a glass of milk
bidding me to drink it at once
otherwise I would feel tired in school
not able to concentrate in my class.
The episode brought tears in my eyes
as I sat recollecting the day
and remembering my good old cook
who passed away a decade ago.
Now I have none to take care of me thus
as it is now I need most care and affection
remaining the fact my hair is going grey.

The German Way

Having gone the German way of becoming rich
where the desires go into a ditch
while frugality comes into force.
as buying from the available source
becomes the practice of the season
This being taken up for good reasons
brought in a prosperity without glamour
settling in for a growth beyond rumour.
Austerity being a well designed promotion
from there emanated no commotion
as all came under the proposed norms
within the prescribed forms
leading to a peaceful existence
within limited means releasing the essence.German way

Down To Earth.

Down to earth is a beautiful idiom
bringing us down from the podium
as we tend to fly high in the air
going up and up without care
One can soar to heights specific
above that the result would be drastic.
A restriction is there in the zone
as the unmindful flyers are prone
scaling heights beyond the flown
finally enabling to be blown.
The earth shows a pragmatism
that of very charming realism
showing out a simplicity
added together with modesty
along with the virtue of patience
that take earth to a state of reverence.earth

The Natural Cycle.

The still night gives way to an active day.
The darkness yields to a brightness by the way.
This happening day in and day
alternating night and day in the lay outsleep cycle
A great systematic order followed by Nature
unperturbed by man’s hideous nature
of making morn night and night morn
practising erroneous procedures almost torn
while sleeping all through the day
keeping away from the working fray
not waking up to see the sun rise
but wrapped under the blanket in a guise
deceiving himself and others by his lethargy
then starting the work with the synergy
as the night sets in gradually
harming himself and all other slowly
as the untimely sleep and wake
get through him for the sake
destroying the ambience and equanimity
not in one go but in slow striding deformity
first quelling his body and performance
then going into the brain with a perseverance
numbing him fully converting him into a vegetable
So goes the life of one who had broken the norms
leading him to become a creature without forms.