A Heavenly Being.

A quaint looking bird
flew into my garden
multicoloured it was
green, yellowdownload (21) and red
all merged as one
a beautiful combination
not seen so long in life
with a yellow beak sharp
and fluffy feathers dotted black.
it being so charming and alluring
stood there for a minute
enchanting and capturing the eyes
that had the opportunity to perceive
it posed for that sixty seconds so elegantly
then took off on a flight forceful
flying towards lands far off
over the huge ocean and high mountains
I know not where it went
and knew not where it came from.
All the same it was an apparition
keenly seen and delightfully felt.


The Great Ocean.

The ocean ocean looked calm
flowing without any harm
slow and steady in form
fish swimming in a swarm
the boatmen rowing without alarm
as the wind was not one of storm.

With everything working in charm
the tides flowing within norms
the sea looked beautiful and in balm
the sea front looked encharmed
the fishermen were listening to the qualms
and singing softly the psalms.

Sea, as always seen in unpredictable
came there a violent wave impenetrable
up it went in almost untenable
down it fell done all indefatigable
carrying with it all enforceable
fish, boatmen and fishermen innumerable.

The calm became a storm in no mean measure
with that gone are all the treasure
flew everything in haste not in leisure
that be the ocean’s unseen pressure
gobbling everything in a mouthful pleasure
well that be the act of the Ocean in displeasure.


Joie De Vivre

The joy of living
has been with all
it was not a casting
but a real costing
having been exerting
having been spending
having been straining
having been extracting
taking efforts to bring joy
while joy lies within you
within your heart
nowhere to seek
but without a penny
could bring happiness
all around you by
extending cordiality
soliciting friendship
endearing a grace
showing a poise
while a smile sweet
would bring a lot of treat
and a multitude of greets
as joy is in you.joie de vivre


For Instance

Being in a distance
far from any interruptions
has been the stance
taken to avoid any eruption
that would lead to fall out in a sense
staying far away from the deception
as proximity would dislocate ambience
causing a distinct dissension
deviating away from credence
flocking into the disruptions
wanting to head through a riddance
got away from the population
settled in a remote tenancy
craving for peace and no morehouse. for instance


Know A Doctor.

Knowing a doctor
not with a degree on research
but an ordinary doctor
a medical practitioner
who made big money
not in his country
but across the seas
Wonder how he made
as he knows little of injection
nothing else than this instrumentation
but he minted money
how I still keep thinking?
as he being very mediocre
and very superficial in his subject
having no skill whatsoever
perhaps the stars did favour him
as he entered the country
at the right moment
when it had a dearth
of medical men.
Anyhow he has made money
but he remains a personality
bereft of good intention
and not able to climb up in
society’s eye however much he triesdoctor
with his acts of patronage
and philanthropy at large.


Calling It Perfect.

Everything is perfect
there is no defect
there is nothing to inspect
emphasizing with an effect
went on without any reflect
nevertheless the impact led to a suspect
bringing in a great infect
involving a diagonalinspect intersect
leading to a grand dissect
which pointed out to the eject
finally there was a total reject.
converting the infuse to a refuse.