A Confrontation Terrific.

A lovely finish to a tale
a nice ending to the sale
a pleasant-looking dale
a fierce harrowing gale
a clever capable male
all become very pale
when confronted by a whale
not the real whale
but that circumstantial terrific gale


Talking And Talking

Talking about a Great Man
years after his death
vouchsafed well for the man
remember his glorious life
is not full of roses blooming
as thorns many are found in a plant
that gives out flowers in abundance
Well talking long and short
alone will not go great in terms
as it was not his way of living
he demanding a performance best
and creditable befitting his credentials.
None think about it in real significance
but go on making merry by talking
conducting meets and get together
bringing out nothing in the end
just a meet and a forget
along comes in quick succession
the next meet and go ahead.Great man


Not So All Are Equal.

The King is coming came the announcement
All stood in attention saying “Long Live The KIng”
The Judge is coming came another one
All bowed to him obediently
The military General is coming came yet another
All saluted him stiffly.
I came next without any announcement
none took notice of me,salute
They being all men like me deigned in different robes
go with such honour
While I being a man like them in ordinary attire
go with no such paraphernalia.
Not so all men are equal in the eyes of all.


In And Out.

If my heart lets me in
it is my mind that lets me out
so letting in and letting out
has been with me all throughout
never in all the most
never out at the most.
An intermediate between in and out
Well that has been ny life all out
with no significance tantamount.tantamount.


A Shrub Defies.

Sitting in my parlour
with a book in hand
seeing through the window
at the lovely hedges and grass
dozed of to a deep slumber.

A little while after in an hour
woke up suddenly in a reverie
felt someone is peeping through the window.
gathering myself up rushed towards in a falter.

Finding nothing different reclined once again
Yet again the feeling came
and becoming upset and jittery
resuming calm stood motionless for a second.

A minute after saw a tuft shrub making moves
with the strong wind that blew over
Well, it was the shrub which had peeped in
during its forward move causing me to hang over.parlour