The Walk They Took

Lovers walked down the slope
hand in hand they had a hope
living together forever in harmony
getting a smooth go as in a symphony.

They want past a bed of roses
The fragrance went into the noses.
They stood there watching its poses.
where they came out with their choses.

Their eyes were full of happiness
Seeing the rose in its chasteness
prompted them to live with closeness
never to get trapped by insidiousness.

They then negotiated a very sharp bend
holding to each other in a supportive lend
they made it through without any faulty trend.
On a cordial notelovers their sojourn came to an end.


Congregation Of God Men.

The congregation of God men was on a Thursday.
Talking in length of theology all day
they adjourned to meet on Friday.
Elucidating the scriptures throughout the day
they wanted one more day.
They discussed about faith and belief on Saturday.
Requiring an extension and the next being a Sunday
they relaxed the whole Sunday.
With the refreshing outlook they dealt on Sins on Monday.
since Sins abound and the exchange exceeded the hours so extended another day.
The treasons and punishments was the topic on Tuesday.
But not enough punishment being possible to ascertain for each fault Maha Kumbh Mela In Allahabadthat day
they were taken to be summarised to the early hours of Wednesday.
As God men were not sure of the faults and prosecutions themselves
took it to be confidentially accounted on Thursday.
So with all the subjects being analysed and with no possible entreaty
the congregation was wound up and deemed excellent by talking all days.


The Bound.

Conflicts and confrontations abound.
Attachments and sentiments rebound.
Anger and apprehensions are inbound
Happiness and contentment are outbound.
Man knowingly or unknowingly lays the bounds.
Keeping himself within the circle of bounds
paying more than what is necessary of the bound.
releasing an unpleasantness within the bound.bound


Proving The Theorem

There being people very modest
There being people very ostentatious.
There being people in between the two
borrowing something from modesty
and plucking the rest from ostentation
finally ending up in a fiasco
landing in non body’s land
sad and sorry through the programs.

A friend of mine was not seen for sometime
A few days after he came to meet me
Probing over found out he had celebrated
the wedding of his son with few guests.
Feeling a little angry for not inviting me
asked the reasons for holding it so private.
Hee said too many guests and too much preparations
would spoil the solemnity and sanctity of the wedding.

Another incident gave a different experience altogether
An invitation printed grandly with decorations all over
soliciting to grace the Diamond Wedding Anniversary celebrations
With the curiosity to find what they do and how they work out
went ahead of time and saw the extensive elaborate arrangements.
The pains they had taken and the efforts they have put across
became so tiring the couple lost their cheer and glow
remaining indiamond wedding anticipation as how the occasion is going to go about.

The two opposite episodes in equations different
proposed a deliberation profound and necessary.
If privacy is knocked down by public interference
the decorum gets eschewed in a way prolific.
There be a demarcation between the two
while weddings bring joy to the couple
there be minimal invitees to wish then well
and the comfort and liberty should be theirs.


The Rise And Call

Rose up early at dawn
saw that darkness has gone
while the morning shone
with an affectionate fawn.

The light orange sun
was in a slow run
having great fun
interacting with none.

The pale blue sky rose
from its lSunRise-6azy close
reluctantly up from doze
preparing for the day’s course.

It being a beautiful sight
stood watching till morn eight
cooked nothing for the early bite
half-hearted went to the kitchen right.

The sun winked at me from afar.
I would have rushed but for
the mundane call which barred
my enjoyment greatly to an earthly jar.


Grab And Amass

The desire to grab everything
that comes in your way recklessly.
looks far more evil than stealing.
Taking away others due stealthily
denying their rights wantonly
illustrates the mind in violation.
Stealing, is comprehensible
as it is by the drive of need.
There arises a satisfaction
when the requirement is fulfilled.
This wicked pursuit of amassing
finds no merit and is grab and amassblatantly erroneous.
Condemning the action strongly
and ostracizing those who do it
should be undertaken by the affected
not only in courts but in every sphere
as they are the most deceitful
where the society is concerned