The World Around Him.

Last but one year ago he had funds plenty.
last year he went out to have in twenty.
This year again he copes up to plenty
His graph goes up and down in twenty.

Amazing it is to him always in show
be it his revenues goes up and down in slow
he maintains the same stature in sow
Standing invincible to the picks slow.

He being not a spendthrift all the more
counting each shilling in the fore
yet pounds go out speedily even more
not staying with him in the fore.

Not worried about hs graph rising
he having stocks of assets in the locking
moves around cheerfully with the rising
never disturbed by others talking.

Talk do others of hisgraph position
assigning it to a geometric progression
getting aghast when they weigh the position
as if it is going to hit them out of proportion.

That part of the world around him
watches him with utmost grim
as if they are going to out beat him
by ways bright and dim.


Be Thou A Liar

Lies come to him in no fixed ratio
They spurt out in a forceful show.
Soon they vaporize into a steamy flow
landing him in a state of fiasco.

Speak no lies is not in his character
as he goes about with lies as an indicator
making everyone feel he is in a reactor
as his presence brings lies in a refractor.

He raises not funds but lies
coping with his speed in uttering lies
has become a job of inflicting tries
very terrible and inducting shies

He being in command of duplication
mostly of words and largely of insinuation
substituting one for another in succession
while in the end getting nowhere in any direction.

Living in cheer with lies as his soul
he sings in a tune of great melodic control
incorporating the strains of fiction in droll
compiling together the fantasiesliar in scroll


Crazy They Are.

Sitting on the road side bench
looking at the shoppers around
each one buying things so many
leaving nothing out of any
glasses not one or two but ten
baskets of straw,bamboo in another tens
mugs and earthenware altogether in dozens
pillows and quilts in piles without reasonshoppers
where do they go and stock these all?
had an intention to give a call
and invite someone to a talk
just to find out why they buy so many?
Gave up the idea after great deliberation
fearing they might think of me as an aberration.
bemused and at the same time amazed
watched them purchase everything with a craze.


The Likely Known

The cause for a storm
remains unknown.
The reason for an earthquake
goes unknown.
The rhyme for anger
is well-known
The rational behind it
must be known.
Judging by the face
makes everything known.
As face indexes the mind
is a likelylikely known known.
Exceptions could be there
as in all cases known
Mostly the countenance gives out
fully is the best known.


Swinging To And Fro

Swinging away into the past
where the retreat is very fast
while memories come gushing in a flow.
when back to the time of birth in slow
though with no memoirs of that day special
but got to know about it in a tell
then treading toward the school life
with all its gusto and strive
proceeding towards the university
clinching honours in veracity
becoming a wife and a mother
in quick succession whatsoever
submerged in sea of responsibility
almost for three decades with credibility
finally emerged out of it though in a belateddownload (20) mode
the lifelong passion of writing finds its code
be it a canvas with profile low and not grand
it had given me an outlet to voice my stand.
With that in purview my life has taken a full circle
saying proudly to myself that I have not buckled


Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri

The country where I live most
has a distinct character utmost
formed of three races all the more
it abounds in festivals even more.
With the festivals come the celebrations
along with rejoice and reverberations
where shops and stalls abound
where every town and city rebound
people move up and down
paying obeisance to the elders in the town
above all with holidays all around
for every festivals in the round
be it Muslim, Chinese and Indian all through
while the country goes on a holidaying mostly through
with days becoming weeks in the go
while the administration halts with the bow
The country has gone on thus for years together
easy-going and enjoying on the whole altogether.
It would be a surprise to any one coming from other lands
as they had been taxed and worked up too much in their own land.
This little peninsula Malaysia,in the far east frames its own time
living and working as it wishes not minding the clock’s chime.Hari rayaobeisance.