The Day And Night.

With the din and dust settling in
the day withdraws under the sea.
There being nothing more to thin
the city became closer to the lazy tree

The lights come out in yellow and white
making the city glow with illumination
the sound and music fill up the night
creating a noise of great denomination

Men and women gather in dining places
eating out with the family once in a way
spending much money on food of orient traces
allowing the children spend some time gay.

Returning home they go to bed
with the fortune spent on dining out
the man counting his shillings instead
the woman winding up in a fashion stout.

The night is almost half over
with dropping eyes they dosun peeps sleep
thinking of nothing in the hang over
as the sun rises into a gentle peep.


The Divergence – Jealousy

It was an act of jealous mind
where nothing could reason out
only jealousy was brewing in
getting over the rational.

The thought of getting more is competitive
but he belief of getting more
does not call for an understanding
creditable tracking Clandestine - Christian Vium - 2011 Anthropographia Award winner by reference.

The spirit of competition is to win
having lost it is no fault
but trying to win next time
emboldens the spirit truly genuine.

That being the case always
fuming with venom across
fretting with anger all over
seem to be an indecent affair all through.

Seething through other’s success
scanning their methods of triumph
prompts an unhealthy derogation
failing to ensue a victory.

With the spirit getting exhausted
the planning ceases to an abrupt end
bringing in a turmoil and clandestine
junction wherein all roads diverge.


The Insane Reigns.

A few minutes back on the lane
there was a big noise
that of dogs barking in vain
and men running out of no choice
trying to catch the man not sane
who was frightening the small boys
with his crooked long cane
the little ones in fear threw their toys
but he continued his strain
they got terrified losing their poise
started crying with deep mental pain
but he danced and played in rejoice
until there came a heavy downpour of rain
saving the boys from this curious bane.insane man


A Little Out Of Way.

A little out of way
going out to help anyway
went to the homes far away
intending to comfort the inmates in a way
taking their hands in a sway
holding them in gay
telling them in a say
that I love them all the way
I do come to them not for pay
but to pass on the radiant ray
never to let them in the fray
but to provide them all that I may
as Ihelping out could do day after day.


The Black Cat

A black cat was roaming around
it was black,as black as coal
No strain of another colour in a bound
nor any lighter kind of darkness on role.

Being black it was not slack.
it was daring and brave
and moved around with a knack
that it posed a confrontation grave.

This black cat came into my garden
squeezing through the gatethe day before.
I keep food for birds every now and then
only that much sufficient for the birdie’s repose.

In one bite the cat gobbled the food
walking past my yard in great stride
found out the food was for its brood
not to the birds anymore as they hide.

Blackie, nicknamed so, became a rowdy
as days passed by he proposed a terror
snarling and showing his teeth like a bawdy
making the children around cry in horror.

The cat which came leisurely into my yard
now threatens me out of the house
if I be kind and act tard
he would driBlack Catve me out to find another house.