The Diamonds In Yellow Gold

The sparkling diamonds
cast in yellow gold
hold my fascination
for years long .
Designed with great care
with the four C’s prominent
the diamonds remain a treasure.
Not many could afford the lovely stones
but there is nothing wrong in admiring
while the whole world revels on it
with the young desiring to have a ring
that is worn during the weddings
give the twinkling stone a sentimental value.
Solemnizing the wedding with the beautiful ring
has become the custom of the west
while in the Occident or in the east
diamonds have a superior sway
as ear studs, nose rings and bracelets
and necklaces with startling pendents
make the bride’s jewellery collection
Mainly the Indians attach great significance
as ornaments are made of gold and diamonds
marking the status of the families
that get into alliance as most marriages
go by the arrangement of the parents
Still the weddings that take place in India
do get organised by the seniors
while the girl and the boy gracefully
get into the wedlock as per the wishes of elders
succeed in carrying the yoke with understanding.
Ldiamond necklaceately there is a significant rise in love marriages
with the proportionate break and divorce
which were once uncommon and unheard of in Indian culture.
The attractive diamonds has brought us to the culture
confirming its importance and richness in stature.



Speeding Headway

It is a crossway
where there is a subway
going below the railway
having a wide way
entering into a causeway
speeding headway
he hit on the stone way
fell on the broadway
hurt badly by all way
lay half dead in a way
that brought all straightaway
blocking every other way
causing a jam by the way
there being no possible way
rushing him to the hospital through the way
became an impossibility by the way.speeding headway


The Treatment Expensive.

Getting medicine over the counter
lends a temporary cure
It is an easy way to get over
no waiting in the out patients ward IVP
no fees and no investigations all the more
I had to spend a fortune of my wealth
grumbled my friend Shree today.
Prone to cold and wheezing she takes no medicine
all the while went with her own remedies
which kept her fine and at ease.

One day, listening to a relative of hers
she normally does not listen to anyone
she went to a medical centre quite unusual of her
Waiting for long in the out patient’s ward
watching the television that was switched on
she fell asleep in the middle of the hour
only to be awakened by the call of her name
In she went to the Doctor’s room.
A burly man with spectacles tottering on his nose
examined the organs that were no way connected to her ailment.

Then,she was sent to the scanning room
from there to the laboratory well equipped
finally got admitted as an inpatient for a day.
She was put in IVP and sedated being treated for urinary infection
She lay in the hospital for a day under the care of the duty doctor
The next day the reports came saying her kidneys were perfect health
whilst she got admitted for sinus problem and wheezing.
Coming back home tired she was seized by her bout of sneezing
As all days she took the tablet which she had in her bag
continuing the day with the usual spright and cheer.


The Professional Touch

Finding no professional touch whatsoever.
Any profession that might be called
be it Doctors of medicine,
lawyers ,architects, bureaucratsbusy lawyer
where they work or what they do
does not come into consideration
but curiously all have the same answer
when called by patients or clients
as the case might be and mostly
that they are in a meeting very important
The importance is not to be questioned normally
but the tailor-made answer and their preoccupation
makes one wonder and stagger at times
wanting to bash all of them with ruthless slaps
as they dodge their customers not before
but after taking a sizeable portion of money.


Loss Of Civilzation

A year ago
only a year ago
there was a storm
which came in no form
ravaging everything
leaving nothing
sweeping the whole
there was no hole
fit enough to hide
not in any side
but a mass of devastation
full of destruction
looked as though lossthe civilization
had gone into hibernation.


A Curse From A Saddened Heart.

Referring none in life
though he may sound real
but having heard in tales
experienced it in the years
says my friend Shree in a tone sad.
She begins her narration thus
A man I know most and very well
and you might be aware of
in most or least extent
I really do not know
was a cause of great turmoil
a reason for depression
as both mind and body suffered
He,an illiterate to the core
wielding his power denoted to him
by a will of the deceased
made one cry in silence and endure
cry not he alone but his family along with him
being denied of his rightful share
not for months but for years together
The man with power filed cases in courts
paid solicitors heavily
bribed officials greatly
all from the common account
planning never to release the share
finally justice taught him
the moral and the lesson
enforcing a release by court order
But did he turn a new leaf?
Never would he as he is evil
not an embodiment or a personification
but evil, altogether an evil
still goes more and more into destruction
surely he would die not a natural death
nor his family would remain tact
He would find his end soon
with none to continue his lineage.
The story loaded with pathos and anger
came to a download (24)close with a note of danger.