Daily Archives: August 14, 2013


The sarcasm in words
go beyond the measure
almost said with a prick
at the appropriate time quick
pierces through the heart
This being almost unsought
and carryingsarcasm much of bad taste
with thoughts unchaste
meant to destroy the peace
aimed to contaminate the ease
subjecting the mind to suffer
That be the aim of the speaker straight
who conveniently drops words with a bait
pulling along with the words a chain
intertwined with venom all to gain.

Tree A Sage.

The tree in front
has become gaunt
with leaves drying
branches breaking
slowly losing its hold
still standing bold
though tottering
and twisting
when wind blows fierce
then resuming cheers
when there is calm
spreading its balm
under a wide canopy
now looking very shaky
yet it looks beautiful
wholesome and plentiful
having lived its age
with the feel of a sage.tree.

A Great Achievement.

The possibilities of getting over being high
with the thought of seeing through
analysing the work out and the work not
kept him in tight spot for a duration
Peculiar it seemed on the apparent
far-sighted it appeared from the internal
difficult it got along in the external
with all the pull backs on the anvil
he burnt his time and energy all the way
with the desire to cross over without any hurdles
deliberating on the issues that go in opposition
tackling the posts that contradict each other
issuing notices to all who agitated against settlement
he dismantled the impossibilities to a fraught
with the achievement on sight near
he relaxed back with tidings cheer.possibilities

The Fall And The Goal.

The fall is always heavy
with the bang and a crash
with a soft slide in cases
but any fall may it be big or small
goes through a process vivid
deep and down greatly
bringing in an agony
with an anguish and fear
holding on to the query
where there could be a rise
a crashing downflight from the abyss
With the possibilities high
that there could be a start over
renders a consolation what soever
pulling up the spirits already sunk
rolling the sleeves that had rolled past
getting into the field with a renewed charge
applying efforts with a refreshing gusto
the rise could be well organised
but mind you go in a steady support
not in a hap hazard meaningless advance
there you are sure to reach the goal

Feigned Cloak.

The insufficient behaviour found in men
The inadequacy of their performance.
The indecency expressed in their attempts.
The impudence shown in their activities
All these with holdings are not normal
they are not anything of the regular
but a feigned cloak over a defect
trying to hide the ineptitude
with a variant and degraded impressions
a kind of ruse to distract people’s attention
allowing them to concentrate on this eccentricity
than pinpoint the real folly and flaw lying down.insufficient behaviour

Language Colloquialism

The language being a medium
it being a way of communication
going deep into the tedium
with its structural compositions
as grammar and its rules effective
with extensive punctuations
give it a straight course active
enabling a follow without deviations
restricting any little disturbance
going on with the set principles
that give it a distant appearance
with a practice being strict and steady
subjecting the language to a remote code
creating a difficulty totally incomprehensibledownload (23)
wherein the language loses its charm and flow
while bizarre elements find their way
depriving the language of its chastity
making it a homogenous mixture of colloquialism
as everyone and all others could speak with ease
while writing still commands a discipline and stability.