An Uncut Diamond.

Like an uncut diamond
she looks .
No shade of make-up
raw and simple.

Yet she dazzles
like the diamond.
The elegance strikes.
The chastity overwhelms.


Language Colloquialism

The language being a medium
it being a way of communication
going deep into the tedium
with its structural compositions
as grammar and its rules effective
with extensive punctuations
give it a straight course active
enabling a follow without deviations
restricting any little disturbance
going on with the set principles
that give it a distant appearance
with a practice being strict and steady
subjecting the language to a remote code
creating a difficulty totally incomprehensibledownload (23)
wherein the language loses its charm and flow
while bizarre elements find their way
depriving the language of its chastity
making it a homogenous mixture of colloquialism
as everyone and all others could speak with ease
while writing still commands a discipline and stability.

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Leave The Deities Alone.

The deities in temples  are divine.

They  are made of stones fine.

They elucidate a lovely shine.


Deities have sculptural beauty.

The artisans carve it with  duty.

Giving them a lofty credibility.

Bringing out  a design of chastity.


Deities are now decked with outfits in gold

They make the deities appear bold.

The shine extols the charm people are told.

Gold deduces the divinity to a mere metallic hold.


Silver too competes with the metal yellow.

The mercurial  dazzle dims the glow.

Grace is dimmed by the silvery flow.

Money overtakes purity in a slow.


Temples are no longer place of prayer.

They indulge in display of wealthy layer.

We hear no songs sung with fervour.

We listen to talks of  self praise all over.


Temples no longer exude warmth.

They detract every one by exposing wealth.

Instigating a feeling of stealth.

Sealing the mind with ill-health.