Daily Archives: August 3, 2013

God Made Them All

All things great and small
all things short and tall
all sounds loud and soft
all sounds high and loft
all scenes good and great
all scenes simple and moderate.
all thoughts ideal and idealistic
all thoughts straight and didactic
all beings pretty and beautiful
all beings ordinary and resourceful
are found in the world wonderful
and it is Lord God who all thingsmade them all.

Claim The Wisdom

Thinking of this world and its people
gives me a feeling sad and painful.
Not knowing how to claim the wisdom
that has carried us all through the times
I sit back looking aghast of the great fall
The society not of any particular region
but consisting of the whole world in session
passes through a catastrophic involvement
stripping all of us of our achievements
suppressing us to a state of depression
indicating an expensive repercussions.
The world as it appears now and would in future
has been saddled by vices of alarming stature
that greed and deceit take us all over
pressing us to push the qualities lower
that of give and take, forget and forgive
modesty and moderation have lost their drive
while publicity and self trumpeting overwhelm
allowing the top people in the realm
perform with expensive and exalting acquisitions
making the world a place of wisdomirrelevant habitation
where there is no peace and tranquillity
but where prevails money and infidelity

Real Intrigue.

Crying before one feels the pain crying
swallowing pills before one falls ill
eating food thinking another might eat it
going to court before any violation,
holding the money of another feeling he owes you
are all prevention and preemption one might argue
but are real treason in the real intrigue.

Stealing— High or Low.

Taking the money from the exchequer
where the politics come into force
where the powerful make it legal
where the country becomes poor
this is the game of those who rule
going rampant in their loot
forgetting the country and its people.
Well, is this not one and the same as stealing
A thief takes the money from a pocket
runs away with it making it illegal
where the person loses his hard-earned money
The petty thief if caught goes behind the bars
while the powerful caught or notdownload (18) goes in Rolls Royce..

Profit Fair.

There was no habitation over a stretch.
Not even grass in a long reach.
it was land, plain land, looking bare.
It was neither a desert arid and dry
but it lay untilled and uncared.
Going through it was a tedium
nothing to see and nothing to hear
Realised then the value of care
that bestows uncountable fare
delineating profitcare fair.