The Magic Of Fairy Tales.

Fairy tales kickPrince and princess my heart
as they have a lively start
with once upon a time game
as a Prince on a horse came
searching for a bride from far away
while the girl lay on the bed not gay
made to lie down by a witch bad
the girl looked very dull and sad
feeling pity for the girl the witch said in a boo
“you would be released as soon as prince kisses you”
The girl waited years together for the Prince charming
as of now he has come to the place with no warning
He gets to know about the witch and the pretty girl
jumps into the room without ringing the bell
enamoured by the girl’s beauty he kissed her blue
then he lifted her to the horse and away they flew.


A Physician’s Call

Got a call from a physician
asking whether I need an injection.
What for? I asked in confusion.
Being ill with infection
you have to go for hospitalization
taken care with proper attention
and put on a diet of nutrition
enabling you to get cleared of congestion
also improve your digestion
he was going on and on in continuation
knowing not with whom he was talking to in aberration
I have to listen to the whole in concentration
as I knew him personally and have long association
not to disappoint him saying I am not the patient of hisOld doctor impression
Sorry to say that the physician is in the fit of imagination
being out of mind for quite some time with memory distraction


Nuances Of Literature.

The nuances of literature
gives a best feature
and lends a stature
great and good in going
amongst the mass in growing
and sends a flowing
with a lively throb
suppressing the sob
enumerating the rob
there comes in a sensation
full of satisfaction
permeating a meditation
that of peace
not in a fleece
but in an increase. nuances


Rose Is A Rose.

Rose is a rose
with an elegant pose
it remains a rose.

Rose is a rose
let there be many grows
it is still the rose.

Rose is a rose
many others might propose
but the feel is the rose.

Rose is a rose
competitions would force
yet it is a rose.

Rose is a rose
with things from other source
it still hold up as rose.

Rose is a rose
nothing could beat her in rosethrows
being the unbeatable rose.


Wealth And Stock.

Running away from those who talk
that of their wealth and stock
nothing more than that to block
the mind and the act to lock
I thought could save myself from this flock

Coming to a place different altogether
settling in a town where aliens are together
a few of the flock do occasionally gather
giving out information enough to bother
sufficient though to cause a flutter rather.

Trying to shift to another country soon
where I could experience the sun and moon
getting up when I like might be in noon
very much far away from these goons
hope it should turn out to be a wealth and stockboon.


Art And Literature.

An interest in art and literature
is considered a not necessary feature
where the people are bound by money
talking about it as if it is honey
telling the ways to earn interest
without struggling an idea to detest.
Whenever these individuals meet in a place
there comes the assessment of property in phase
adding the appreciation it has undergone
how much revenue it fetches by renting alone.
With that they do not stop their discussions
go on with how much they spent on celebrations
To such people art and literature do not exist
as they are taken through and through by money in and literature.